Chapter 88
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Hakurei - I can see the room of the Pope here! let's go!
Page 3
-Watch out!
Page 4
Sage - Who attacked us?
Hakurei - It came from the house of Sagittarius!
Francisca- Do not worry about us! Keep advancing to the Pope’s hall! Take care of gateguard and itia!
Archon ...
Page 5
-I thought that presumptuous insects would dare to enter the sacred enclosures of the twelve houses .... how did you get here, Francisca?
- what?! this is the sacred enclosure of the 12 houses ...
Francisca - And you say it's full of insects ... what do you think?
Page 6
Francisca- And I came to exterminate the pests, Sagittarius Aeras!
Aeras - For me, the pests have just arrived.
Francisca- Haha ha!! Even when manipulated you continue to be all serious!
Page 7
Sage- This does not usually bother me ..... at least not normally ... this is so hard to see ... friends fighting each other .... usually the saint of Sagittarius is very kind. So much that you would care about him.
Hakurei - It's okay, sage! We're fighting for them to get back to normal, right?
Page 8
Hakurei - It's not that kind of thing that will separate our hearts! Is not that what the Pope always taught us ?! There are only good people here! And this is also true for Master itia and gateguard ..
Sage - yes ... you always try to see the best in others, hakurei … that must have been why the Pope had entrusted you with the altar Cloth.
Hakurei - yes ...... as the altar saint ... it is my duty to protect the sanctuary in the place of the Pope should anything happen to him ....
Page 9
Hakurei - Even if this leads me to face ..... that noble person!
Page 10
Hakurei - I thought..... that you would be in the way. Get out of the way! We mus tsee Pope itia, gateguard!
Page 11
Gateguard - I will not let you go .... hakurei ... even the Pope...
Page 12
Gateguard- HE needs to be protected as he adjust his cosmos to his new body. I will go to them until he is ready, even if I have to take your lives.
Hakurei - That ...... is already enough gateguard. What do you expect when facing your own friends ?! And, besides, you have very little cosmos because of the sacred fire! Why are you supporting the cause of the Pope? Gateguard!
Page 13
Gaetguard - Because I'm stupid. As a human, I was sure to become the best to become a saint of gold ..... but a silver like you steal my cosmos, my Cloth, and this is just a piece of metal for me, now. But I understand .... no matter what I do, I'm just human ....
Page 14
Gateguard - I still maintain basic human stupidity! That's why this world needs guidance !!
Sage - What?! We thought that gateguard had lost its cosmos, but still I feel ....
Hakurei - a huge power coming from him..
Page 15
Hakurei - no! This is not the vital energy of the soar force! This is different! This is a cold power....
Page 16
Hakurei - the power of death!
Sage - Hakurei!
Page 17
Hakurei - stop, sage!
Sage - Do not worry! I have a golden cloth, I am better able to resist it! But this power is not something that a human being can cope with! Where did he get such power?
Gateguard - Aries is the constellation of life that rises from the shadows of death. This is something I came to understand. In fact ..... my powers are also related to death.
Page 18
Gateguard- These fairies taught me everything ... the inside of my body is connected to the underworld, now ....and my cosmos too!
Hakurei - Stop, gateguard! That way you'll be a dead man!
Gateguard - I wish it from the bottom of my heart! If that can help bring peace !!
Page 19
Athena - The power of the world of the dead in the Pope’s hall .... I hope everyone is well ...
Krest - although this is my insolence, athena ... let me remind you that it is not the time to be distracted.
Athena - indeed...
Page 20
Athena - pardon me krest
Page 21
Athena - We have to .... focus on people ahead of us.
-goddess athena, lord krest. Come with us, please.we will dominate the world and we will control it for you, Athena.
Athena - we do not want to hurt them ... please!
Page 22
-No, you will not take another step ... out of the sanctuary! We have no choice ... we have to take your life to achieve peace !!
Krest - Diamond Dust Ray!
Page 23
-He deflected my light attacks with his technique! So these are the ice techniques of Lord Krest!
Krest - Shame on you, saints of gold! Even though they have been brainwashed, how can they attack Athena?
Athena - I, however, realize everything, krest. I know that deep down they are true saints.
-Perdoe-nos! Athena, senhor krest!
Page 24
Krest- Disappear, fairies! leave the sanctuary, now!
Page 25
Krest - Itia ..... we both live for a long time ... and that's why I think I understand a little, too. that empty sense of peace that can not be maintained .... that makes us feel our human limitations.
In one last analysis ... we are just a ghost of the past ...
Page 26
Krest - and that's why one day .... we should leave ....
Itia - to leave ... with the gods? Trusting irresponsibly in this immature world .... to imperfect humans who are only going to grow old ..
Page 27
Itia - that way, the world will not change !! Never!
humans solve everything with fighting.
Page 28
Itia - they really are like abandoned children to own luck .... they learn to fight only to attack each other.there is no harmony between them. and that's why I will not abandon them!
Page 29
That's why I'm going ....
Page 30
believe in this path ... for peace!
Page 31
Hakurei - What madness ... his cloth ... has turned black … You have become a man among the dead ... I suppose now you are just a little different from a dead man … why? Why go so far ...
Page 32
Hakurei - to the point of rejecting your humanity? Rejecting who you were? I do not understand, gateguard ... what harmony is this that you are looking for?
Page 33
Gateguard - It is likely that you will never understand ... someone like you, who was responsible for being a saint of gold!
Hakurei - Yes maybe you are right. I never ... I stopped thinking about it. In my own way. In harmony, in peace on earth, in the mission of the sanctuary. Is it so important that you go so far as to give up your humanity?
Page 34
Hakurei - but I can tell you one thing ... our sanctuary will never bring peace to the earth if it is itself confused! If we discriminate and reject each other .... as we do today ...
So ... all we’re going to get...
Page 35
Hakurei - is bring more suffering to humans!
Gateguard - And how many more people will be hurt .... while you exercise this idealistic thought? It is for knowing the true despair I so much want to get peace !!
Page 36
Hakurei - But why did not you tell me that all this time ?! Is it just why I chose to be a saint of silver? I still want to fight you!
Page 38
Hakurei - But... you finally chose this path ..
Gateguard - Yes...just as you chose to be a silver saint ....
Page 39
Hakurei - gateguard .... your body!
Gateguard - because I gave my body to the dead. I was already totally resolved... after all, a warrior who loses his cosmos can only be used as an expandable pawn.
Hakurei - That’s not what I think!
Gateguard - You've always been like this. And still coerce the minds of people weaker than you, as if they were your equals, even to me now! maybe that is what will lead you to create peace and harmony in your path ... but .....
Page 40
Gaetguard - Look at me, now! Are not human beings in the darkness that you always imagined?
I understand the anger and sadness that the Pope has hidden in his inner self for the last 250 years ... I do not have any kind of regret either ....
Page 41
Gateguard - if you become the ideal that this person has left, then .... maybe you can achieve and liberate ...
Hakurei - the door of the Pope’s hall ... is it open ?! Ha?!