How can cultural fit help retain employees?

How to identify Fit Cultural at the time of interview
Just like the organizational climate, the cultural fit says a lot about the way employees relate. However, it is a slightly broader concept, which involves individual beliefs and values ​​compared to those exercised by the company. The alignment of these issues helps to retain talent, mainly for the reasons below.

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Promotes improvements in the organizational climate

The culture of a company represents the way it positions itself in society. When the discourse of the management is aligned with the daily practice of employees, there is a harmony of values. This is essential for the organizational climate to be pleasant and for everyone to be moving in the same direction.

Aligns the organization's values ​​with the values ​​of each talent

A person's values ​​are very strong and important guidelines in his life. Working in a place that has attitudes that you don't agree with is highly damaging to a person's mental health.

The alignment of values ​​makes the professional do his job with the conviction that he is doing something good, in which he believes.