Middle Atlas to the Desert: Erfoud, Merzouga & the Sahara

Morocco is a beautiful mind boggling nation to investigate. Presently, I realize I say that to bunches of spots, however I genuinely would not joke about this! It's one of those nations that is far beyond the Souks of Marrakech, with so many of the best activities in Morocco outside of the actual city. 

From the untainted Atlas Mountains, glutting on all the tagines, visiting the blue town of Chefchaouen and seeing the red curves of Legzira – you'll be spoilt for decision. 

You'll have the best time investigating, simply make sure to prepare and glut on all the astounding food and delicious sweet tea (I swear, I was on a sugar rush all through our entire excursion). 


In any case, before I keep meandering aimlessly, investigate a portion of the absolute best activities in Morocco. 

No doubt, one of my #1 destinations in Casablanca must be the Hassan II Mosque. It's amazingly wonderful and a spot you need to see when in the city. 

In case you're searching for some neighborhood ceramics or cowhide products, fly over to the Quartier Habous where you'll discover heaps of fortunes to reclaim home. You'll likewise track down a decent couple of spots in the old medina, as well. 

East of the urban areas along the thruways and the coast, Morocco goes to abandon, mountains, valleys, and towns—some of the time across the board all encompassing perspective. Beginning north in Fes or further south in Marrakesh will be dictated by your particular schedule, and a strong week or more is ideal to take as much time as necessary between these two antiquated strongholds of history. Other than: ridges aren't not difficult to climb, camels can just go so quick, and it will not be simple moving back from the dawn see from your tent. 

Before we get to the desert, realize that there are three primary Atlas mountain chains that accentuate Moroccan territory: the Middle Atlas, the High Atlas, and the Anti-Atlas. The previous is the northernmost, and numerous explorers start here, venturing from the city of Fes generally toward the south. 

The Middle Atlas is inconceivably biodiverse (a valid example: Ifrane National Park), and enormous areas of cedar woodland make up the mountainsides, the trees concealing groups of Barbary macaque monkeys. In spite of the fact that they don't shroud excessively well—you may likewise see them out and about. 

As you advance south, you'll proceed over the Tizi-n-Talremt pass and into the Ziz Valley. That's right, those are palm trees you're seeing. The braced houses along the street are known as "ksars," and they were worked to ensure gold, salt, and flavors, back when these valuable products were basically monetary standards. You may likewise see the beginnings of sand hills, however don't stop yet—they'll get a lot more amazing soon. 

Before long you'll hit Erfoud, a vivacious market town. It's known for fossils, all things considered, and the conspicuous keepsake from here is anything craftsman made from one of the neighborhood cooperatives, be it a little fossil pendant, a "fossilized" bowl, or a 800-lb chunk of sandstone. Trilobites the size of your head require a remarkable delivery! 

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