Best 6.8 Western Ammo Supplier in Colorado




6.8 Western is a center fire rifle cartridge developed by Winchester Repeating Arms Company & Browning Arms Company. It was launched in 2021 essentially as a big game hunting cartridge. It provides the following incredible features while delivering both long range shooting and hunting- 


  • High long-range accuracy
  • Low recoil
  • Excellent knockdown power 

This reflects a huge calibre from the bullets with 30 caliber weights of 165 grams and as there are higher ballistic coefficients (BC) offered. If you analyze the difference between 6.8 Western and 270 Winchester, then the 6.8 Western fires heavier, more aerodynamic 165-175 gram bullets at velocities comparable to the lighter 130-150 gram bullets in 270 Winchester.


When it comes to firearms, some factors come into play such as shooting range or firing range, or gun range. These firearms are specifically designed for training, qualification, and practice. There are shooting ranges that are operated by military or law enforcement agencies and others are operated by private organizations. Most of the shooting ranges are operated by private agencies to serve recreational shooters.


Why Honor Ammo Shop 


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