How to store technology around your home

Today, technology is taking more and more of a typical home. Television has been the biggest feature of our living room for some time, but over time it has only become bigger and bigger and has been associated with countless other devices and storage media. Slowly, our walls were lined with DVDs and computer games, consoles and various media players found their way under the television, and tablets and ultrasound creep into our living room. Today, the average house looks like it has surpassed technology… which is mainly because it is!

This is, of course, great and well, and in fact it adds a lot of new features and uses to a typical living space. But it also creates even more clutter. The question now is how are you going to organize all the technology so that it is not blocked and you can really find what you are looking for…


Luckily we are getting to the point where a lot of our media like movies and music are stored as files on our computers instead . Still, there’s a good https://oite.fi/ chance you’ll have a few shelves full of DVDs and something needs to be done about it.

One option is to make the features of the DVDs and put them on a bookshelf - which is much better than filling them under the TV or leaving them in a pile. If you don’t want to do that, then another option is to cut them off by removing them from their cases and putting them in a ring. This way, you can still watch movies whenever you want, but they are easy to find quickly and do not take up space. It's a big help when you come to move!

Lastly, you have the option to start transferring CDs, such as CDs, slowly to your computer on an external hard drive or to store in the cloud.


Wiring is another thing that makes technology sometimes difficult to fit neatly into your home. However, if you’re struggling with leads, there are a few options.

Again, one option is to simply upgrade and invest in some equipment that does not require the use of wires. For example, a wireless keyboard is a great option. Alternatively, you can explore ‘yarn management’ - for example, by filing all your yarns through a hair band, which can hold them all together to avoid clutter and keep the overall visual impact to a minimum.


When it comes to inventing yourself, you may not always want to hide them, so it’s a good idea to choose in advance the technology that looks best on your living room. When choosing between tablets, don’t underestimate the value of buying a product that looks good on your living room coffee table. As with television, getting something on a smoother screen has a much better visual effect.

Alternatively, if you want to hide your item, you can try using the right furniture. This can mean that they are stored in a large cupboard with, for example, doors that you can open when you want to use / view them. This is also another way to eliminate the wiring problem, as you can make a small hole in the back of your cabinet to guide the wires through and keep them hidden from view.

You can reduce the visual impact of technology and media in many other ways, but these tips will get you started well while keeping your room more organized and less cluttered.