ERP for Stone Industry

The stone industry is concerned with the manufacture, processing, and selling of stones like marble, granite, limestone, etc. The stone industry usually employs a number of people and consists of a number of peripherals. The number of peripherals and a large number of employees along with the distributor and retailer channels pose serious management issues for the management of the stone industry. The managerial challenges jeopardize the operations of the stone industry and take a hit at the profits. Even after the best effort from the management, it is not possible to eradicate these problems without modern solutions.

Enterprise resource planning

Enterprise resource planning or ERP for stone industry is a management software which integrates all processes which are necessary for the smooth functioning of the stone industry. It ensures a neural handshake between these processes for the business to run smoothly. Purchasing, selling, processing, marketing, selling, accounting, etc are all part of the ERP software. Some of the salient features of the ERP which help the stone industry are as follows.

Benefits of ERP for the stone industry

There are plethora of ways in which ERP can benefit the stone industry. The way that ERP benefits your stone business depends upon you since the software is totally customizable. Nevertheless, some of the widely acclaimed benefits of ERP are as follows.

  1. Project management

Perhaps the widest applauded benefit of ERP is its ability to integrate the management of site operation from tip to tail. The software allows for setting up long term and short term goals and overseeing the realization of these goals. The feature of integrated chat and design between key members of the management makes collaboration possible. There are inbuilt schedulers in the software which can help you in scheduling agendas. The way ERP software manages data allows for instant generation of reports and also their subsequent verification. An inbuilt mail system adds on to the seamless communication experience.

  1. Finance and accounts

Financial management is a behemoth of a challenge for any company and the stone industry is no exception. Accounting can be eye-watering with huge paper trails which can hamper accuracy. ERP software can help you manage finance and accounts on the go. The software comes with a smart user interface which allows for easy feeding of data on the basis of which accounts can be automated. The software can automate the follow up for payments from defaulting customers. Moreover, the app has an integrated easy payment option which allows breaking down of payments. The software also adjusts the change in balance sheets automatically when the payments come in. A comprehensive ERP software supports multiple currencies, thus taking care of all the financial woes of a company.

  1. Purchase management

ERP software allows you to help make the purchase, compare prices from various suppliers, record purchase history, store suppliers’ info and receive products on time. The application can keep a history of the transactions made and the quality of each transaction. You will, therefore, be able to rate suppliers for future transactions. With the feature of auto reception turned on, changes in the inventory details are automatically made with the reception of products. You can also follow the market trends and understand the time and season when products can be acquired at relatively cheap rates.

  1. Marketing campaign

Marketing campaign through ERP software can help you implement marketing strategies aimed at acquiring new customers and maintain existing ones. Send automated emails to prospective clients and follow up the lead automatically. Configure the system to choose from a set of preset emails and reply to the client. Keep a tab of the campaigns run and their respective successes. Integrate CRM into your marketing strategy as a method of showing your business etiquette. Define the campaigning goal and explain it to your employees through diagrammatic representation. All in all, ERP software will help you design your marketing campaign and make sure that it is implemented coherently.

  1. Invoicing made easy

Handling a large consumer pool is no easy task. Invoices are to be made for every transaction and other paperwork is required too. ERP software can help you generate invoices automatically based on data provided. The software can also send automated checks to your creditors and give you reminders for the same. ERP software can also send a copy of invoices to other bodies who might need it, for instance, your tax lawyer. It can also collect feedback from customers after delivering invoices. Therefore, the software can act as a stand-alone accountant cum manager for your stone business. You can self asses the growth of your business by studying the invoices over the period of time. It will also give you insights related to customer behaviour and their trends in purchases.

It is quite evident that there is no reason for you not to get the ERP software for your stone business. Get ERP today, and give your business the automation it deserves.  The ROI is unparalleled to any other business transaction. Goodluck.