Day Trading Course

Day Trading Course

For The SP 500g Course
With A Trading Simulator



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A Day Trading Course For The SP 500 And E-Mini Index Combined With A Trading Simulator

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Let's take a look at what it takes to make profits day trading the future indices..... And then use that information in a trading simulator to prove it.

Ok, lets get going. Three critical points...

A mechanical entry point
A definite price for your protective stop
And some idea where you want to take profits
First A mechanical entry point is essential. There is just not enough time to be fooling around trying to decide on a entry point while the market is moving in real time. A trader doing that runs into the following day trading problems. Either he/she jumps the gun for fear of missing the trade, or waits for a confirmation that will almost always put him in late.

No way will that work, a day trading course must give you a mechanical entry point. You must know your entry point ahead of time.

Second A known protective stop. A day trading course must supply you with a price point where you say you are wrong. The best day trading course in the world has losses. The key is to keep them to a minimum. To do that you must know where your stop loss is before you enter the trade. Then place it as soon as you enter the trade.

Third ...the best part, taking your profit. A good day trading course gives you a target and a mechanical exit point. Then if the target is not reached or if a good target is not discernable.... the day trading course provides you with a mechanical system to lock in profits.

Above all... the trading course must be profitable.

A Trading Simulator With A Built In


Day Trading Course
Floor trader Malcolm Robinson traded in the pits untill electronic trading came in. Now he trades behind a screen. He knows what its like to take consistent short term trading profits from the stock indexes. His years in the pits gives him a unique view of the indices that most traders never get a chance to experience.

To find out how Malcolm Robinson went from a losing trader to profitable winner click here   He explains in his own words how he did it. Shows you his trading course and then gives you a day trading simulator so you can hone your day trading skills.

Novice or experienced trader...You'll get information you can use with the above course.



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There is risk in choosing a day trading course for futures. Futures, Options, Stocks and Commodity trading have large potential rewards, but also large potential risk.  Don't trade with money that you can't afford to lose. This is neither a solicitation for a day trading course nor an offer to Buy/Sell Futures, Options, Stocks or Commodities.risk disclosure.

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