Car Rental Rules in Greece for Non-EU Citizens

Today going through the trend of renting a car during the holiday to any city or country is flourishing at jet dynamic speed in the entire world. The facility of renting cars facilitates them to visit the destination and its surrounding areas according to their convenience, and therefore you can find a plethora of car rental service providers in Paxos island of Greece. However, like other countries, to rent a car in Greece there are certain rules determined for foreigners. These rules are different for travelers from European Union countries and Non-European countries. In this stuff, we will be discussing the car renting rules for the residents of Non-European Union countries.


What do the new rules say for the tourists of Non-European Union countries? According to the new rules, the tourists coming from the countries which are not a part of the European Union will be required to carry an International Driving Permit (IDP), along with they will be also required to carry the national driving license issued by their local traffic authorities. Earlier, these tourists can rent a car only by presenting their valid passport and existing driving license. 


It would be interesting to know having an International Driving Permit allows the holder to drive a vehicle in any of the countries throughout the world, without undergoing any type of driving test. Although, along with this the driver should also hold a valid driving license and should be above the age of 18 years or an equivalent to it. If any person who is the citizen of the Non-European Union country is found driving a rented vehicle without any of these documents will be held liable for undergoing the legal action against him according to the Greek traffic rules. This includes a heavy monetary penalty not only on him but also on the car rental agency, including the vehicle confiscation. These rules will be equally applicable to all those millions of visitors coming from the United States of America, Australia, Canada, and countries, visiting the different islands and cities of Greece during their holidays.


One thing which needs to mentioned here importantly is that some of the car rental agencies do not let the visitors know about the necessity of International Driving Permit (IDP), but add a clause in the renting contract, according to which in case if they are fined for breaking any of the rules and regulations the driver of the vehicle will be responsible to pay the whole fine imposed on him.


Other factors to consider while renting the car in Greece: 

While renting the car in Greece, make sure you drive strictly according to Greek rules, because driving in Greece is difficult and different from the rest of the world. Here, you will be required to drive on the right side of the road, however, you will not find anyone following these rules accordingly, but as most of them are natives, the tourists are always on the target traffic authorities. Therefore, make sure to follow the rules accordingly.


Before taking the charge of the car hired by you do not forget to click its photos from all the directions and keep them saved until you do not return it to the agency. It is seen that sometimes agencies do charge extra money for the damages to their car. If these damages had been before giving you the ownership of the car, then you are not required to pay these charges. By capturing the photos you can say that these damages were before renting the car to you.


Besides, there are certain rules which you should ask from the car rental agency to avoid any problem.