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The Basics of Welding in a Nutshell

Simply put, welding is really a metal fabrication process in which two components of metal is connected in a huge structure. The place being joined is heated to melting using torch or electrical arc and extra metal material by means of welding rod or welding wire is utilized to fill the space. The welded connections are as stronger because base material or even more.

There are three basic forms of welding. These are the Gas welding, Arc welding and Spot welding. From the gas welding, a gas torch is utilized to heat and melt the bottom metal. Usually a mix of oxygen and acetylene will be the gas combination useful for gas welding. They are usually employed for welding pipes. The gas welding can be useful for brazing, cutting and heating metal for bending because the temperature with the torch flame could be varied.


The Arc welding uses electricity to melt the beds base metal. There are various kinds of arc welding intended for handling different metals, equipment and types of conditions. Every sort could be well suited for welding a unique metal. For joining thin sheets of metals, lots of welding can be used in which electricity is employed to make a weld in a single location. This kind of welding is essentially employed for robotic processes. The robots are equipped for performing great number of spot welds in automobile assemblies. There are also more recent innovations in welding like beam welding that happen to be useful for specific applications.

In virtually every industry from automobiles to electronics, the welding has used. Welding might be even performed underwater or perhaps the vacuum space if the welder emerges the proper equipment. Even though the welding is mostly performed on steel parts, the aluminum parts will also be welded together. Some aluminum alloys are particularly an easy task to weld.

Because the welding involves high amounts of electric energy, gases and temperature, it is very important take certain safety measures while performing welding. The welders are advised to take careful attention to protect themselves. Some safety equipments like welding masks, gloves, aprons and coveralls.

The welding masks are shields which cover the top and neck and possess darkened glass to protect eyes from intense of lights from the welding spark. The masks will be hinged so that the welders can certainly get rid of the mask to judge his work without fully detaching the mask. During welding, sparks are thrown off and this would heat and burn the welder's hands. So to protect welder's hands, the gloves should be used. It usually is suggested that this welders should wear leather aprons and coveralls for protecting themselves in the heat and gases. Sometimes the welders are seen being operating behind tinted shields. This can be in order to avoid passersby from seeing the welding sparks directly.

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