Playing The Best Online Esports betting On BK8Asia

Online Sports betting has always dominated the gambling industry. But then nobody ever thought that e-sports betting would eventually become a thing — No one saw it coming!


But here it is, taking the online casino industry by storm!


E-sports games — otherwise referred to as electronic sports games — are internet-based sports betting games.


They're specially designed to satisfy the new-generation video gamers who are also gamblers.


Moreover, these games feature most of the Mass Online Battle Arena games, also known as MOBA games.


With the increased competitiveness of online gameplay, the need to invent a new kind of sports that can only be played through video games became paramount. That was how e-sports betting came about


IM Esports is an online sports betting platform that oversees everything that concerns esports. It's more like an online casino site where bettors can access these games.


As you read further, you will discover some of those e-sports games that can also be found on BK8Asia.



  1. Dota-2


Dota-2 is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) video game created and released by Valve.


It is a sequel to Defense Of The Ancients (DoTA) — a community mod developed for Witchcraft III: Reign Of Chaos.


Dota-2 is played between two teams of five players — each team occupying and protecting their own distinct ground on the map.


Dota has since become one of the most popular online esports betting games as it has gathered a wide range of players across the globe.



  1. CSGO


CSGO actually means; Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


It's a highly robust first-person multiplayer shooter game that is as old as the gaming industry itself.


CSGO is a highly demanding game in such a way that many circumstances are constantly at play in any single round of the game.


This game is typically that of precision because you have to aim hard before you take any shot. It also requires strong reflexes which makes it even more exciting.


Another fascinating part of the game is the communication strategy of teammates which is truly important if you must dominate.


Moreover, It might interest you to know that DSGO is one of the most sought-after online esports games. In fact, it is competing with the likes of Dota-2 for the very top spot.



  1. PUBG


This is another amazing online battle game that can be found on BK8Asia — it is also categorized as an online esports betting game.


PUBG, also known as PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is the original game that has paved the way for future online battle royale games.


Interestingly, just one single PUBG game can entertain up to 100 players, hence, a single match can linger for up to 30 minutes.


Trust me, the game is exceedingly versatile in terms of gameplay.




Other examples of esports games you can always look out for are;


  • League Of Legends (LOL)


  • Counter-Strike series.


  • Marvel vs. Capcom.


  • Killer Instinct.


  • Super Smash Bros


  • Quake


  • Street Fighter.




  • Doom, etc.



Although online esports betting games are new-generational games — created for younger people, even older people now derive so much pleasure gambling on such entertaining video games.


Want to try them out?


Many of them are actually available on BK8Asia.


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