Chapter 75
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Aiolia - What is he going to do?! Is it not a direct attack with the blade ?!
Page 2
Aiolia - He did not even touch me ... but my cosmos is being torn apart !! It was because of the resonance that the vibration of his blade produced !!
Page 3
Aiolia - My body is numb ... my cosmos seems numb !! I can not move !!
Cronus - How boring! You humans ... why are you so weak? You are so ... infinitely fragile!
Page 4
Aiolia - My strength... my cosmos is fading !!
Lithos - Master Aiolia !!
Aiolia -Do not come! I'm fine .... stay there !! Hyperion asked me to ...
Page 5
Aiolia - to protect Cronus… just as I protect you, Litos.
Cronus - You ... a being prostrating before me ... bloody from my blow … You want to protect me?
Page 6
Cronus - Do not make me laugh.
Lithos - Master Aiolia !!
Cronus - I am a god above all and everyone. Why would I need the protection of a paltry human? Put yourself in your place, you fool. Your comrades have already gone underground ... then go with them.
Page 7
Milo - Did you really … think that we had fallen on the Tartarus? Yes, it was close. But we did not fall.
Page 8
Cronus - Yes, I did, and if they did not go, I will now ...I'll show you the way. Rumble of darkness, Darkness Roar
Aiolia - milo! do not go head-on! This rippling wave ... will get us!
Page 9
Milo - He forced the entrance of the rock into the resonance field of the vibration ... to blow it up and divert my sight ...
Page 10
Milo - Scarlet Needle.
Hm ?! Huge arms like tentacles ... are wrapping his body!
Page 11
Milo - He broke the scalpel needle with his blade! So the reach of those black arms ... is his defensive field ?!
Page 12
Aiolia - Milo ?! Are you alive?
Milo - How could I die? To leave you fighting here ... I would never abandon ... a companion in battle !!
Aiolia- Exactly. We never abandon anyone. Cause our lives are one. No matter that he is an all-powerful god ... if he threatens the life of the beings of the earth ... we will use our gallows to stop him.
Page 13
Aiolia - protect the lives of everyone on earth! Here is our mission ...
Page 14
Cronus - Then I am your antagonistic god ... the God who takes the life of everything and everyone! The beings of tiny cosmos and frail life ... believe to be able to stop me?
Aiolia - I'll show you and any god that's out there ... the infinite strength that the brilliance of these frail lives is capable of producing!

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