When Do You Need An Urgent Care Center?



If you are not well aware of a center for urgent care Alexandria, VA, you might have questions about when you should consider them or what type of care they provide. So the first question that pops into our mind is - what is 24-hour urgent care? Here's your answer.


A 24-hour urgent care center is a walk-in clinic mainly focused on delivering medical care for minor health issues and injuries in an ambulatory medical facility. Urgent care centers offer top-quality healthcare services for an immediate ill-health situation or those odd times when your physician might not be available. The professionals in Urgent care Alexandria VA ensure that patients with urgent health problems receive the best medical assistance and care during the night, weekends, and holidays.


Urgent Care centers meet minor medical emergencies or when someone requires basic medical emergency services, like lab work or vaccination/s. These medical facilities are convenient and widely accessible. But before considering urgent care, there are some things you should know.


  1. Check-In Online.

Many urgent centers do not require prior appointment. Some, however, do allow appointments. So before heading to any medical facility for urgent appointments, there is no harm in ringing them up to reserve a specific slot to shorten your waiting time.


  1. Find the right medical center for your situation.

It is always best to choose the urgent care center that accepts your health insurance plan. Also, select a specialty that specializes in the care you need. Also, be aware of the location of the urgent care center and always choose the one closest to your home.


  1. You Might Not See A Doctor there.

While visiting an urgent medical center, it is very important to understand that the person who will treat you might not be a doctor. Many urgent care centers have a staff of physician assistants who can also diagnose and prescribe treatments.


Before heading to a center for urgent care, it would be better if these few things were already clear in your mind.


Things Considered As Urgent Medical Conditions


Urgent medical conditions are ones that are not actually emergencies but still require immediate attention or urgent care within 24 hours.


Some medical conditions considered for urgent care Alexandria VA are:


  • Accidents and falls
  • Fever or flu
  • Cuts that don’t involve much blood loss but require immediate stitching
  • Redness or irritation in the eyes
  • Minor breakage in bones like fracture in fingers or toes
  • Moderate back pain problems
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Diagnostic services like lab tests or X-Rays
  • Skin infections or rashes due to infection
  • Vomiting, dehydration, and diarrhea

All these medical conditions are ideal for seeking assistance from an urgent care clinic or medical facility.


The centers which provide 24-hour urgent care are affordable and convenient for patients. However, you should have the right knowledge about when to choose them for your health condition or situation. An urgent care facility is a place that promises to provide you with assistance similar to your physician’s with the same level of attention and care.