Matts Mobile Services

 I've spoken about automotive repair industry standards before on our podcast, in this article I will continue some of my thoughts. I personally believe that car repair shops shouldn't mark up their auto parts, so because of that we don't. I am a mechanic and not a parts salesman. Honest mechanic shops are hard to come by these days and it is partially due to the standards that have embedded themselves in the auto repair world. When shops are not making money on oil changes they are building in the incentive to need to bill for unnecessary services. We do not follow that practice so that you can be sure that if we recommend a repair , it is necessary for your vehicle and not just to make up for lost profits on the oil change.

      Another problem i see in car repair shops is the way they pay their mechanics. When most mechanics do not make much money on their base pay and are given commission incentives, it builds in the motivation to just sell hours of labor so the mechanic can make enough money to make ends meet and though they may not start off as dishonest, they will soon adopt this practice because everyone else does it and they need to pad that paycheck.

     Car repair is a complex trade and involves a lot of technical phrases and often times the customer does not understand what the mechanic is talking about and the repair shops know this. They will sometimes explain the diagnostics in a confusing way that will convince the customer to proceed with the car repair. We strive to help our customers understand the diagnosis of their vehicle and why the repair is necessary.

    Automotive shops have large overheads and so they need to charge more to stay in business. Matts Mobile Services have a lower cost to operate so if they model their business right the savings can be passed on to the customer. As a mobile mechanic shop we can also offer a much more convenient experience that is the least invasive way to get your vehicle repaired without disrupting you day.

   Our High level of professionalism and automotive expertise is something we hope to be a better standard for the industry in the future and we will continue to lead by example in the mobile mechanic world to help shape the future of the automotive repair industry.