Our Light Heals Offers Like Minded People a Way to Share in Healing

That is dedicated to the meeting of like minds in order to share healing, offers a unique opportunity for people to take a few minutes out of their busy day and send healing, prayer and light to people in need and to help the planet.


Most of us spend our days running, from the time the alarm clock goes off till we put our heads on our pillows. It isn’t until something life-changing happens that we tend to stop and take inventory of what we have and where we have been.


Somewhere, sandwiched in between getting the k


ids to school, work, sports, meals and sometimes our favorite TV shows, is that period of time when we are contemplative.


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Call it prayer, meditation, quiet time, connecting with spirit, whatever it is…all of us need to take that time to slow down and take a breath. In those moments of quiet we are all stronger in our own power, stronger in our own connection to ourselves and thus stronger in our connection to others.


Now imagine that a close friend or family member suddenly finds out they have a serious illness. The busyness of everyday life seems small and petty by comparison.


Our contemplative time takes on new meaning as we often find ourselves petitioning for healing. Maybe we participate in a regular discipline of healing meditation; perhaps we attend a prayer group weekly.


Now we take our petition to the group and ask for ‘group conscience’ to send light and love to our sick friend or family member. We see the power of healing prayer, even if it is on a small scale of a dozen or so of our closest friends.


What if we could take the power of healing meditation and magnify it, augment it, to one hundred people or even one thousand? What if there was a way for you to tap into like-minded people who are willing to take a few minutes out of their busy day and send healing and light toward someone? Imagine the power of healing prayer that can work miracles in our everyday lives.


What about global disasters, like the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico? So often, and in a good way, many of us are quick to show our love with our pocketbooks. It is easy to text a number on or cell phone and donate $10 to Haitian earthquake relief, but how about donating 5 minutes of healing meditation for the people of Haiti?

Our Light Heals  is a gathering place for those who want to come together and make a difference that goes far beyond the material.


Our Light Heals is a community of individuals who have gathered together online to create a healing community. Members may ask for support for a family member with cancer, a loved one with a harsh illness, or simply for healing in a troubled time.


You can answer those requests by offering a few minutes of your time to help send healing to that person’s request.


Others may be more involved on a global scale, looking at the world an all its problems and asking for larger group participation to send love and light to rescue workers or people involved in solving tragedy.

Your opportunity awaits and the possibilities are endless.


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