A Guide To The Types Of Luxury Tableware And How They Are Used

Tableware is an essential part of dining and meals in every setting. The right tableware can enhance the experience of the meal and how elaborate the tableware is also determines the importance of the occasion. Which is perhaps why for casual occasions, the tableware is less elaborate than it is for formal dining. If you are shopping for luxury tableware and are confused by the different types of categories being offered, then here is a guide to the different types of tableware:

  1. Serveware: As the name suggests, serveware refers to the crockery which is used to serve the food. This includes serving bowls, salad plates, platters, gravy boats, curry bowls, soup pots, tea pots, sugar and milk pots, dessert spoons as well as the pitchers for serving drinks and the ladles and serving spoons.
  2. Dinnerware: In luxury tableware sets, dinnerware refers to the individual pieces of crockery which are used for dining. This ranges from the full-size dinner plates to the snack plates, dessert plates and the soup tureens, pasta plates and more. Luxury dinnerware is typically crafted from fine bone china, crystal or stoneware and may vary according to the manufacturer.
  3. Silverware: Also known as the flatware, silverware refers to the cutlery, the individual pieces as well as the ones used for serving. These include the spoons, forks and knives of different categories, including for soup, dessert, steak knives as well as the serving spoons for curries, ladles, tongs, and others. The name silverware stems from the traditional cutlery which was fashioned from silver and continues to be used for luxury dining nowadays.
  4. Drinkware: Tableware also includes the drinkware which is used to serve drinks at the table. From glasses for water and wine to whiskey tumblers, juice glasses and more, drinkware encompasses a whole range of glasses. Drinkware is further classified into two categories of stemware and tumblers. The former includes glasses with a slender stem which are used to serve wine, champagne, martini, and cocktails. Tumblers refer to the glasses with a flat bottom and include juice glasses, highball glasses, whiskey glasses and others with the same design.

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