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6 tips of using Make Up Brushes

Make up brushes play a great role in enhancing the beauty look of the face.

The following are some tips that can be used in choosing and using makeup brushes.


1. Always use the high-quality brushes or professional makeup brushes that suit your skin to allow the application more even and easier to apply.

For the brushes, always choose the natural bristles.


2. A method to find a good brush is to ensure that bristles are not loose by applying the brush to the back of the hand.

In addition, try to gently pull the bristles to check whether the bristles are loose or not.


3. Firm bristles are required for eyebrow brush as they are able to control the eyebrow hairs compared to the soft bristles brush.

A brush with soft bristles are ideal for soft looks, but it is possible that it is too soft or it is not able to pick up the color.


4. To reach the difficult spot at the innermost corner of the eye, apply a concealer brush.

An alternative of using finger is allowed if no concealer brush is available.


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5. Take care of your makeup brushes by cleaning it regularly.

This can be done by means of a mild liquid soap. More about cleaning makeup brushes can be found here.


6. Store your makeup brushes properly in a makeup box.

Overall, apart from the cosmetics itself and the makeup techniques, your skin characteristics also plays a big role in choosing the right brush to use.


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