6 Things AI Can Do Better Than Humans!

According to a recent survey based report, humans could guess 70% of the time, while the guess rate of AI is above 80%. Thus, if you want to search thing speedily and accurately over Google or any search engine then you should engage artificial intelligence to feel the difference.


Play Games Smartly

No doubt artificially intelligent player effectively win the game. From a recent report, it is revealed that Lee Sedol, who is renowned Go players, lost his first three games from AI opponent. In addition, the report proves that out of 49 Atari games, AI performed better in 29 games than humans. This report shows the true strength of artificial intelligence is beyond human expectation also provide UK dissertation help.

Better In Lip Reading

This is another thing which AI access better than humans. According to Oxford University machines are more accurate than humans when it comes to lip reading. The report shows that a professional lip reader can access up to 60% of what a person is trying to say without voice whereas machines can access up to 93% of lips actions.