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6 Reasons Why Graduate School is an Investment!

There are many individuals out there who despite their professional success did not earn a college diploma.  However, there is no doubt and there is an increasing awareness that earning an education matters. Even though an undergraduate degree is essential nowadays, unfortunately it is not enough to land a firm, well-paying jobs for the future. Most experts say that a graduate degree helps solidify ones’ future.

Nonetheless, with a national jobs forecast that is mostly volatile and the cost of higher education is rapidly growing (faster than the inflation rate), the question arises: would anyone want to consider the academic, personal, and financial severities of graduate school?

 Here are a few reasons why grad school, today and tomorrow, will make a difference in your career and earning prospects:


  1. Personal Development

Some people are lifelong learners. They have an insatiable desire to add to their knowledge reservoir, challenge themselves academically, and experience what they consider to be among the most rewarding life pursuits: developing the mind. For these individuals, a graduate education offers the opportunity to do all of that and in a structured way that can deliver great personal satisfaction.


  1. Increased Employment Prospects

Many careers in most industries, such as higher education administration, public affairs, and social services, a bachelor's degree is being replaced by a master's as the minimum requirement for employment. In the 1980s, a bachelor's degree could help one secure an entry level position as an admissions counselor, academic adviser, or student services coordinator.  However, by this day and age, the applicants for these very same entry-level positions were not even thought to be considered unless they have a master's degree.  Even though holding a graduate degree does not guarantee complete success, it certainly does opens many opportunities for employment.


  1. Unlimited Career Progress

The thought behind earning a graduate degree shows employers evidence of tenacity, willpower, intellectual dexterity, and the ability to handle challenging environment.  All of these attributes are sought-after qualities for people looking to fill manager and director level positions. It also implies that, an employee who has exhibited success in a long-term situation that requires endurance, self-restraint, leadership, and the ability to work well with others - will be in line for growth opportunities within his or her organization.


  1. Financial Compensation

Anyone considering graduate school would be less than wise if he or she did not consider the return on investment. For grad degree holders, there is a distinct given that will be receiving a higher salary compensation, as opposed to an undergrad degree holder. There is a high chance of nearly a 30 percent difference in average annual salary— along with seniority and other perks given by the employer.  This offers implication that completing a graduate degree can make a positive impact on one's financial situation. When thinking of applying for grad school, you may want to ask your employer, current or prospective, if this is true.


  1. Sense Of Achievement

Students who have completed grad school and have witnessed other students do the same, the feeling of personal accomplishment that they receive from walking across the graduation platform to receive a master's degree is empowering. The effort that was put forth to complete your studies, regardless of moments of doubt and uncertainty, will become a character-building process.


  1. Recognition And Credibility

There are innumerable graduate degree holders who have gone on to accomplish great things, and who are given the respect and recognition they have earned and worked hard for. Without a doubt, an advanced degree does make a difference on a résumé. It tells the employer about who you are personally and professionally, and the dedication you have to your chosen field.



Author Bio

Sofia White is a Subject Matter Expert and a Blogger at Essay Star. In her tenure of 20 years, she has written plenty of articles on education and career. She is also a social worker and works with a social enterprise.