To ensure the longest possible driving life for your vehicle, it is crucial that you choose a reliable auto service staffed with highly skilled mechanics that can do an excellent job in terms of car repair and maintenance, and specializing in diagnostic services on automotive transmission, brakes and engine problems. When you need a cost-effective overhead garage door repair, Tri County Door Doctor is at your service. Some garage door companies have designed their own springs systems. Extensions springs are also called side mounted spring and work by counterbalancing the garage door.

From installation to repair, inspection to yearly maintenance, we have you covered. We have you covered for all of your new garage door installation and garage door replacement needs. Read our article on Garage Door Service & Repair to learn about the most common garage door problems.

We have done garage door repair or new garage door installations for more than 40,000 households and more than 750 companies throughout this area. Repairing a garage entrance is not very hard and you can perform the repairs yourself if you are good with tools.

As soon as you have garage door opener installed you can open or close your garage door with a single touch of a button. One of the most common garage door repairs involves the springs. If you have one of the expensive models of garage doors, your repair & replacement costs are naturally going to be more expensive.

We can replace garage door broken springs , rollers, cables, hinges, sensors and weather seals. Most factory manufactured doors also supply individual panels to service dealers, so swapping out a panel is a pretty painless fix. There are some serious dangers in replacing springs from a garage door.

Learn how to repair overhead find overhead doors from inland in colton garage door springs and cables—without winding up in the emergency room. Sometimes in the stress of an early morning commute with a non-functioning garage door, even the most mindful homeowner will forget to check the batteries and then feel the embarrassment of knowing that the only thing wrong was a couple dead AAs.