Special 1
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Shura - Assassin? Why was I elected? ... Anyway, what is my goal?
kokuto - I do not know exactly, but in any case, it would not be the first time you are ordered to kill someone
Shura - You mean Aiolos? It's not like I had another option ...
kokuto - Yes, there is also this ... but … all because of an immense will.
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kokuto - The oracle of Athena!
Shura - oracle...
kokuto - there is no more time left ... you must leave immediately But, do not forget this. it's ultra secret. You should not reveal to anyone it does not matter if it is an ally or enemy.
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kokuto- Otherwise you will be considered a traitor and will be pursued ...
Shura - Will you kill me for a murder? How ironic ...
kokuto - So you deny it?
Shura - No ... if this is the will to act ... I will stick to it. just tell me where to go ....
kokuto - to a land far away the land of the rising sun the distant ....
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Special 2
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Shura - Sorry, Shun. You're off duty and even if you're willing to come and meet me ....
Shun - that does not bother me, Shura. What is going on? Why did you decide to move?
Shura - Because I do not have a koseki. So it was impossible for me to get a house. But Kokuto took me to a place and took my Koseki.
Shun: How did he get out of this?
Shura - Kokuto is also responsible for providing my clothes. But in any case, I prefer not to pay too much. So I do not think I'll rent a very expensive apartment.
Shun - Huh?
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Shun - If the problem is money, couldn’t you ask the sanctuary or the foundation to grate everything you need? I can lend you too ... why do you worry about this problem?
Shura - I probably became a rebel through the eyes of the sanctuary in the past. Even after all this time, I do not think I'm going to be able to go for help, I guess. Do not worry, I intend to work. I do not know well the geography of Japan or its alphabet. Could you tell me a good place?
Shun - I understand how you feel, I also pay my college bills. but if there's a problem, do not hesitate to tell me, okay? I just moved, but I think I can help you in some way.
Shura - Did you move? Did something happen?
Shun - No, it's nothing, and what ....
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Hyoga became a father and lives with his daughter ..... does not this burden you?
Hyoga works at night. Shiryu and shunrei help me, but ... it's still hard for Hyoga to handle this alone.
Hyoga currently refuses to leave her in a graad foundation support center, so he ... resolves to move if he is living in the same residential building as me. However, it is not in the same house. I understand ... I sleep late, so Hyoga comes in the night ... and it is safer that we take turns taking care of her.
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Shura - I wear my armor, but I'm still lost and then I stand facing a huge wall ... in which are engraved symbols that indicate the end.
Shun - The Wall of Lamentations!
Shura - At that moment I understand that I will be a guide that will build the future. And I owe it for having died in that place.
Page 9
Shura - definitely happy.
Shun - Happy? For being able to build the future?
Shura - So, too, but especially .... I was sure that I could pierce that wall in front of me. Even though he was impenetrable to a god ... I was sure that light would cross him. And if at that time I thought so ....
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Shura - when the golden arrow flooded with that light created by our lives pierced the wall ... while my body and consciousness disappeared, I'm sure .... when I saw the wall of lamentations about to be pierced, I'm sure ....
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Shura - I just want to believe that he came back to life ... to live a happy youth.
Page 16
Really? but I think any of us does not regret having a fiery youth. Yes, I feel the same.
I'm back.
He was fast, must have gone at lightning light....
We've been waiting for you.
I was planning to buy the green tea, but ... I bought a seemingly typical Japanese drink I had never seen.
So I bought it instead of the green tea.
Is it that young people do not benefit from their youth, after all?
Bought two of each.

Special 3
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A sublime grace, just like this sweet sound .... saved a wretch like me. I was once lost, but now I've been found. I've been blind, but now I see. Today I find him in a good mood. Would it be because of its present condition?
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Seiya-I'm not in my real condition ... but at least I'm alive.
It's disappointing that I can not cure you completely if I send your doctor. I'm sorry.
Seiya-It's all right. I know I should be dead because of my injury. I understand that you can not cure it.
Are you sorry?
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Seiya-sorry? Yes I am.
I did not expect those words.
Seiya- The moment I was attacked by the hades sword ... I was not skilled enough at what I did.
I saw no problem in becoming a shield to protect the saori .... but, because of this, saori carries an unnecessary burden in her heart. I should have died. He has not felt this blow in Saori's heart.
Over-live so ..... in this state, like an old vessel..
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Seiya - the truth is that .... I'm a disappointment!
Everyone knows that you have done your best. It's only natural that Athena feels that way. You did not make a mistake.
Seiya- If so, that's fine.
It's time to go back. It's cooling.
Seiya- No ... I'll stay here a little bit longer.
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Ikki - At this point I think it would be too much to say that I do not take orders from anyone! But the sanctuary authorities need not know that. Seiya ... in your present condition this sounds laughable.
Seiya - I see ... in this state, I can not seem to fight like I used to. You have fun with this, too, do not you?
Ikki - I'm laughing at the orders that the guys from the sanctuary gave me. I saw the way you fought with a gladiator, even wounded like this. The idiots said I should protect you. You can only be joking ... and even stupid to say that you need to protect yourself.
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Ikki - You have not changed anything! Continue to be a knight of Athena!Useless talk like that does not please me. I'll go! See you on the battlefield!
Seiya - See you! We will fight against the same enemies .... as friends ...
for many dangers, duties and pitfalls ... I am here. The grace kept me safe until this moment. And this grace and who would guide me home.