Plenkovic accepted it; Almost, the most powerful woman of the Government leaves for Hotmail affair!

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy Martina Dali resigned for Hotmail Affair.
Martina Daly resigned at a joint press conference with Prime Minister Andrei Plenkovic after their meeting in Bansko Dvore.

'After his conversation with Vice-President Dali, she resigned, and I accepted him,' said Plenkovic, who later said he wanted to remind the

We did not allow ourselves with any of our efforts or statements to contribute to the creation of an atmosphere of crisis and chaos and of the wider problems for the Croatian economic and financial system, and this should be put in the context of what happened at that. time. Mosto, who was fully informed about all activities, experts with specific knowledge and who could help the government prepare to avoid the most unfortunate scenario, were involved, which would be a series of bankruptcies of Agrokor-related companies. In these cases, your personnel have contacted the person who helped and not found in the system user. The crisis was extraordinary and demanded a quick action. That's an important detail. In such short terms, the law was prepared. The fact that was brought in the last minute and prepared in the short term,
We have achieved the goal and I am satisfied.
Plenkovic recalled what the crisis would mean for the companies and their employees, and that it was threatening and widespread, plunging into the neighboring states where Agrokor operated. "The fact is that the government has stood behind the bill." The fact is that this law was approved by the Parliament ... It would probably be easier and simpler for the Agrokor Administration to find a solution. Unfortunately, that did not happen. By appointing an extraordinary trustee, a new loan was agreed, practically in five days. of the elected foreign advisers, "said Plenkovic, adding that they learned in the crowd that some of them had participated in other things.

Plenkovic said the basic goal they wanted to achieve and achieved. "I think it's a good idea to make sure you have a clear understanding of what's going on," said Plenkovic. Thêm vào đó he was sorry that Daly was leaving because he contributed greatly. Added it all should be broken. "I thank Martin for her cooperation on everything she gave to the Government," concluded the prime minister and handed the word to Martin Dala.

'I did nothing wrong'
In agreement with him, I've made an irresistible resignation. In this incredible combination of circumstances it turns out to be my weight, and I do not want to be anyway. I got the task of preventing the collapse of Agrokor. Task was done in task and has made all the defaults. It is a great luck to the critics that they did not like this job and therefore they still need to light the candle in front of the Stone Gate, "Dala said adding that he expects to investigate everything by pointing out that unauthorized publishing of private mails là một mã offense.

'I did nothing wrong, immoral, better to say, illegal. The perception is like it is, "said Daly, adding that he would stop this perception.

"There are no questions I can not answer because I did nothing wrong or inappropriate," Daly said, thanking the prime minister for his trust. At the same time, she was also asked to support, and above all Plenkovic. She added that she wanted a lot of success in further work and face problems that needed to be solved.

The mails cost her
Minister Daly coordinated the writing of the Agrokor law with Antom Ramljak and Tomislav Matic from the previously unknown Texo Management, Matko Maravić and Toncija Korunić from InterCapitala, Branimir Bricel from Alter Corporate Finance and the law firm Šavorić and partners.

They then wrote the law, and after they received millions of advisory engagements in Agrokor, where Ante Ramljak was appointed to the position of the Government's Extraordinary Commissioner.
Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said on Sunday he had not yet thoroughly studied all the mails of Martina Daly and that he would need a more accurate assessment and decision on her destiny for a while. But immediately after the mail was published, Plenkovic stood behind his minister, saying she had his support. Now, obviously, he has changed.

REACTIONS ON NEW RUND MAIL: 'Plenkovic, it's over! Resignation and New Elections! And you hire a team of good lawyers.