Why Incorporating Social Media in More Marketing Channels Is just a Good Idea

Social media is fast becoming the most popular method for people to connect to each other and brands on the web. Millions of users log on with their social network of preference on a daily basis where they share chat and talk with other users and companies from across the world Daisy Drew. Naturally, this social expansion has spurred brands to use this medium in clever ways to build communities and fanfare around and to subsequently grow their brand.

Embed social media marketing into your digital strategy

Even though your brand is entirely new to the realm of social media marketing, it is vitally important to begin embedding social functionality in all of your digital channels. Your website, email marketing campaign, email newsletter and mobile presence all have to have prominent links that connect users to social media marketing in certain way.

Social sharing icons allow users to instantly share great content they may find on your website - built-in functionality such as the 'pin it' button for Pinterest or the 'Like' button for Facebook allow users to talk about whatever it is they're viewing without having to first visit the social support systems in question. It's a must for almost any brand considering content marketing and may also help with your website's SEO (search engine optimisation).

The other social icons that really must be included whenever we can are those linking for you company social profiles. While it may seem tempting to funnel people to all or any the social support systems your brand has ever registered for, it is wise (and aesthetically pleasing) to only range from the icons of the most popular social support systems along with the one's your brand uses on a regular basis. Links to Twitter and Facebook are a must with Google+, Pinterest or LinkedIn also featuring nearly as good options depending on your own brand's activity on these channels.

Social media and email marketing

It might come as a surprise for some, but it has been proven time and time again that social media marketing and email marketing get on famously. As opposed to social media marketing detracting from the efficiency of your brand's impressive mailer as some fear - social can become another contact point for consumers looking to connect with your brand.

The email and social media marketing recipe

The power of email marketing could be harnessed to improve your brand's social media marketing and vice versa. Sending email campaigns with links to your brand's social profiles implies that you'll be exposing your presence to a complete list of individuals that have already shown interest in your brand (by signing-up to your list) and many who might not be familiar with your social endeavours. This means you'll be spreading around more love from your valued subscribers who may in turn share your social presence making use of their social network. The channel may also play host to opt-in forms or links to your subscribe page and can therefore help you to get access to much more interested consumers.

Social media is a dynamic and vast digital playground and you can be certain that your brand supporters are using this channel regularly. To be able to connect with one of these consumers, brands need certainly to spread out their social strategy and let it permeate all of these digital presence.