List of Chat Support Services - Finding the Right Provider

Did you know that chat support services have the highest customer satisfaction rating, with 73%? Even though only 24% of customers have used live chat, it still received glowing reviews compared to the most used platforms — email and phone.

Aside from the high satisfaction rate, an excellent live chat support experience can also directly impact customer loyalty, increasing sales and revenue. Live chat support can even increase a company’s conversion rate by almost 4%. Now is the best time if you haven’t added chat support to your customer service arsenal.


Top Chat Support Service Providers

When you outsource live chat service, you must ensure that your service provider can deliver high-quality performance and positive results. To help you get started on your search for the best chat support service provider, take a look at five of the best-in-class chat support service providers.




Under TaskUs’ Digital CX support, you can expect consistently excellent chat support service. TaskUs promises a next-generation customer experience through their “ridiculously passionate frontline Teammates.” As a leading CX management and outsourcing service provider, customer experience is TaskUs’ expertise.

TaskUs’ industry-leading digital support helps startups, SMBs, and enterprises streamline their customer support processes with top-notch results. Their live chat support agents can seamlessly integrate into your in-house customer support department. The chat support service is also flexible and can be customized according to your goals and future improvements. 


Wow Customer Support


Wow Customer Support is the perfect cost-effective and efficient chat support service provider. This specialized customer support service provider has a proven track record of providing excellent phone, email, and live chat support to successful businesses worldwide.

Wow’s live chat support team is trained to handle customer needs and queries through empathetic but clear-cut communication. You can integrate their chat support services into your business operations without worrying about business functionality and performance.

Expand the reach of your business with Wow CS's 24/7 live chat support service that you can customize based on your needs. With round-the-clock chat support agents monitoring your communication lines, they will handle all leads, customer concerns, and order queries swiftly and accurately.




Concentrix is one of the biggest call center service providers across the globe. They offer customer engagement services that cover communications across all digital channels and platforms, including social media, SMS, and live web chat.

One of the key advantages of Concentrix is its large workforce which enables them to offer email, phone, and chat support services in different languages. With CNX, the live chat support team can offer exceptional customer experience.




For Teleperformance, each customer interaction is important. Their Digital CX service offers dynamic customer support that encompasses all support channels, including live chat support. As a leader in the CX management industry, they have the experience and expertise to provide excellent results with their chat support services.

Teleperformance leverages its experience in digital customer support solutions and strategies to optimize your business processes and customer communications. You can enjoy strategic and advanced live chat support that can help you gain and retain customers through consistently efficient CX.




Atento is a digitally-led customer service provider focused on improving the customer experience through problem-solving. They rely on data, algorithms, and performance indicators when creating and optimizing the customer service strategy. Atento primarily uses technology to create customized customer service solutions but incorporates human contact when needed.

Outsource live chat support with Atento to help manage the entire customer journey and continuously improve processes whenever possible. Their tech-enabled chat support service uses Language User Interface to ensure personalized customer service experiences.


How to Choose the Best for Your Business

It’s always a challenge to pick the best service provider to meet all your business needs. You want the best services to take your business to the next level. So analyze your business needs and cross-reference them with what a service provider offers; it will help you understand if a chat support service is right for you.

To further help you make a decision, here are more things to consider when choosing the right service provider:


1. Check your budget.

You want the best service, top-notch performance, and perfect results, but you need to ensure that it doesn’t break the bank. Don’t pay for cheap but low-quality chat support services. Find a balance between price and quality when you outsource live chat services.

Finding a chat support services provider that offers high-quality service for an affordable price can be hard, but it's still possible. However, sometimes you have to adjust your budget for a pricier service as long as it ensures premium customer experience management.


2. Read customer reviews.

Whenever available, client reviews should be one of your main priorities when checking out a potential vendor. Clients like to talk about any bad experience they’ve had with service providers, and you need to see if the bad outweighs the good before making a decision.

Of course, it's almost impossible not to receive at least a few negative reviews for companies that have been in business for a long time. But make sure that they have redeemable features and that they’ve made improvements to address such comments.

Customer reviews and testimonials can also give an insight into how a business treats its clients and people, how it operates, and how it addresses criticisms and improves.


3. Initiate a discovery call.

After you’ve checked all the boxes in your service provider requirement checklist, the only thing left is to meet their team and see if they’re a good fit for your business. They may have all your preferred features and service, but the work ethics, processes, or overall “vibe” is not up to your standards.

It helps to talk to a representative of the outsourcing company and talk about what you want to get out of their service and how you want things done. This will help you get an insight into how they operate, what their values are, and how your team will fit with theirs.



There are many things to consider when you outsource live chat services for your business. It may seem too complicated, but working with one will do wonders for your business productivity and smooth operations.

Have you decided on which chat support service provider to work with? You can get started by inquiring with one of the chat support service providers mentioned above.