How to Build Durable and Eco-Friendly With Cork Tiles?

Whether you are looking into building a whole house or just making changes to the interiors, you should always search for the best materials. You want these types of projects to last for decades or even a lifetime so a good amount of care and attention should be put into them. The durability of the materials comes to mind first, obviously. Second, comes the price. Not everyone can afford top tier grade materials, most of us have to work within a budget, but don’t lose heart as there are many options on the market. Available now is a great material, one that you can even customize, cork. Cork flooring comes at a reasonable price, which really helps you stay in budget and is also be eco-friendly.

Creating the Perfect Home

We all dream of our perfect home. It’s only natural. Building is a process that is deeply rooted in human history. Every person has his/her own taste and needs, so a vision of the beloved home-to-be will be different from one person to another. Take time and make the effort to pay attention to what you want in these kinds of projects. Do not hesitate to ask for information or help from more than one expert. In the end, it is you who will have to live with the final product and maybe your heirs will too. Thus take a look at the common points when designing. The most important phases in building a house are:

• The external construction:
   o foundation
   o light-frame construction
   o domestic water system
   o electrical wiring
   o building envelope
   o retaining walls
• The internal construction
   o ventilation
   o plumbing
   o air conditioning
   o electrical wiring
   o telephone wiring
   o ethernet wiring
   o insulation
   o flooring
   o wall
   o ceiling
• Finishing touches
   o cabinetry
   o furnishings
   o interiors decorating
   o painting
   o fixtures
   o appliances
   o toiletry

Most homes are built with the most easy to find and quickly available materials. The higher your budget the more customized you can get, however not all of us can afford that. When you cannot be sure of the budget from the start and be aware that almost every aspect of the blueprint is prone to change. This should not be a project stopping problem, as most people have taken a margin of error into consideration when it comes to their budget. You should also think ahead. This will save you from lots of unexpected surprises, in the sense that you will be calculating in the unexpected.

Choosing Cork Tiles as a Material

Do some internet research and ask a few professionals about the different materials available for flooring, you may learn that  cork tiles  are one of the best choices. Cork is hypoallergenic and extremely eco-friendly. This material is harvested only from the the cork oak tree’s bark, which is highly regenerable. The tree can regenerate its bark without suffering any damage itself. The final bark product is 100% recyclable and bio-degradable. If you are worried about plastics and xenoestrogens intoxications, don’t be, there shouldn’t be any concerns as this material, in its natural state, is absolutely free of those.

Our agglomerate cork floors will also give a somewhat elastic feel when pressed upon. This will make walking on the cork flooring very enjoyable and healthy for your feet and joints. It is also exceptionally well insulated from an acoustic standpoint, so if you destest an old and noisy floor, like those in a horror movie, with this biomaterial that will not be a problem. Stepping on it will not make any noise.

Cork flooring can be installed in the whole house, it just depends on what installation type is best for a certain ares. Cork flooring can be found in a wide variety of colors or nuances, so if you feel like changing the vibes of a room, that’s doable too.

Choosing Cork Flooring for Your Comfort

Installing a non-compatible material in the bathroom or other areas with high moisture content can destroy the subfloor and even the furniture around it through water damage. Cork glue down tiles are water resistant and can be made 100% waterproof so there won't be any swollen patches bulging around. They are also anti-slippery and very durable. In some areas a  cork flooring  will even outperform its competition. Stone and ceramics might be naturally waterproof but they give a harsh and very cold feel, especially when walking barefoot. Cork’s elacticity allows it to be a softer and more supportive surface. Last but not least, think about the price tag. Cork runs par to its hardwood cousins in price range, but gives better benefits. Getting similar or even better results from this bio-degradable product will weed out the other options on its own.

Not convincec by doing an internet search, then see the product with your own eyes. You can touch them and even walk on them. Stop in at a store near you that carries cork flooring or if there are none, check out sellers online who offer free samples. Most companies will only charge you for the shipping. That’s a better price to pay than buying without seeing and having buyers remorse later on.