Chapter 69
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Aiolia - I hear the sound. Of the blood that flows and spreads across the floor ... but not ... not the hot blood that runs in the veins of living beings ... it’s something cold ... and dark ..
Page 2
Aiolia - It is a dark "water" that spreads. A sea ... of darkness ... the water creating great waves ... forming the figure.
Page 3
Pontus - Should I say congratulations on having you defeated?
Aiolia - Pontus!!
Page 4
Milo - what? who is he?!
Aldebaran - I never felt .... a cosmo so powerful !!
Shura - And it's not a Titan!
Shaka - It’s something that we have never faced before ... something that is in a much higher position than ours ... a great god?!
Pontus - the body, the cosmos and everything that belongs to this being ... are mine. I was the one who resurrected his fleshly existence in this world.
Aiolia - His figure is defying himself ... it's a mirage ?!
Pontus - So I have a right to life and death, too.
Page 5
Pontus - the only one who can control his life, death and destiny ... it's me.
Aiolia - kiss my ass! Thinking that you can do everything only because you’re God ?! Hyperion and I fight for our own destinies.
Page 6
Aiolia - we gave the blood to defend what is important for us, and not because someone sent it !! so please do not come to our destiny, no!
Pontus - To your destiny? his destiny ... is nothing more than a plan drawn by us gods. it was already written that hyperion would be mine .... since he returned to this world.
Page 7
Pontus - want a demonstration..that the God called hyperion is mine? Get up.
Aiolia - what?! but I had not defeated him ?! So, as?! when hyperion returned to this world ... his body was in pieces and unconditional to fight.
Page 8
Pontus - What allowed all his pieces to join again and his body to recover at this point ... was my dunamis. Now he returns to me. with the cosmos burning inside his body. And carrying the true power of his own dunamis .... and all that ..
Page 9
Pontus - had become mine.

Aiolia - What?!
Pontus - and all this has nothing to do with destiny. From the beginning, I made him fight with that intention. it's no use. You humans... are just parts of the grand plan of the gods.
Page 10
Pontus - When you took Hyperion to death, you destroyed his divinity. Making only his physical body and sublimated dunamis remain. The body destroyed is no problem. For with my power I can regenerate it as many times as necessary. From now on, Hyperion will be a god who obeys me. And you ... helped me to achieve this.
Page 11
Pontus - therefore, I give you my compliment ... and if you understand what your function is ... I suggest you go on to the next fight.
Aiolia - Next fight ?!
Pontus - The battle will continue, for this is God's plan. It's up to you ... to do your job. Hang on!!!
Page 12
Pontus - Understand once and for all that I am not your adversary. Back off, you fool.
Milo - But it was not just an image ?! How can you attack us ?!
Camus - the cosmos is so powerful that even its illusory image has the power to attack ?!
Aldebaran - It’s terrifying the size of this cluster of cosmos ...
Shaka - yes .... he has a cosmos superior to that of Titans !! Like that of a god of antiquity ?!
Page 13
Aiolia - get your litany and damn it! a person who sees others as tools to satisfy his will ... he has no right to say a god equal to hyperion !! for his rule, hyperion deposited faith in the future of his people, to his last breath !! he gave his life to open his own way, regardless of this crap plan that you talk so much !! What he did was not for you !! our fight had nothing to do with God's plan at all !!
Page 14
Pontus - Hyperion lost to you not because of weakness, but rather because so much of his power was still sealed. His body only regenerated because of my help, but it was not complete enough to face an adversary with all his strength. He was devoid of the remembrances of the great war-god he used to be, he was only suitably programmed to fight against you humans ... otherwise ... it would be impossible for a human being to defeat a god. From the beginning, among you ... was only acting the will of God.
Page 15
Pontus - for to hold the force of a god in full condition would be impossible.