Applications of C Programming Language

It is a fact that C is one of the oldest and most basic languages widely used around the world. C is fast and portable, and has a rich library. C is a middle-level language, but it has the advantages of low-level languages and high-level languages. And it's sad to hear that the use of C programming is decreasing day by day. C has its mark on almost all domains. C is mainly used for developing applications and for system development activities.

If I tell you about the various applications of C, I assure you that you will fall in love with C again. It's not the easiest programming language, but many good programmers now use C because of its portability and how quickly the program executes it.

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Real-World Applications of C

There are so many real world applications of c programming and some of them that are important ones are the following which are shown below:

1. Operating Systems:-

What could be better than writing your own operating system? Yes, you can write your own operating system with the help of the C programming language. The Windows kernel, the Linux kernel, and Apple's OS X kernel are mostly written in C.

2. GUI:-

This refers to the graphical user interface. The C programming language also helps develop popular Adobe softwares such as Photoshop, Premier Pro, and Illustrator.

3. Embedded Systems:-

In everyday life, we use different embedded systems such as coffee machines, microwave, and climate control system.

4. Database:-

C programming language helps to develop the popular database management system, MySQL.

5. Ease of Computation:-

In programs C provides the fastest calculation. The implementation of algorithms and data structures is faster in C. With the help of C you can perform high-volume calculations such as MATLAB, Mathematica, etc.

6. Gaming:-

C programming is relatively faster than Java and Python. It has been used in various gaming applications and graphics. The C programming language also helps create many popular childhood games such as Tik-Tac-Toe, The Snake Game, etc.

7. Development of New languages:-

Due to its rapid execution and simplicity, many languages such as Java, C++, Python, PHP, PERL, JavaScript, etc. influenced the development of C. In Python, C is used to make ordinary libraries. The syntax and control structure of PERL, PHP, and C++ are based on the C programming language.

8. Google:-

In the Google open source community, projects are handled by C/C++. In addition, C/C++ helped develop the Google file system and the Chromium browser.

9. Assemblers:-

Assembly language is mainly used to translate into machine language. C also helped in developing the GNU assembler.

10. Text Editors:-

C also helped create various text editors such as VIM, Gedit, etc.

11. Drivers:-

Another application of C is to write driver software such as keyboard driver, network driver, and mouse driver.

12. Interpreters:-

You can create language interpreters with the help of the C programming language. C helped in developing various programming language interpreters, such as Python and Mat Lab interpreters.

13. Network Devices:-

Another application of C is to design network devices.

14. Compiler Design:-

C also helped design many popular compilers such as Clang C, MINGW, Apple C, etc. It is one of the most popular uses of the C language.


C is one of the fastest and simplest programming languages. C is fast, portable and has a rich library. Being one of the oldest, it is still chosen by many companies and backend developers. The C programming language is used in all domains, including hardware, software development, embedded systems, and databases. But today, the use of the C programming language is decreasing.