FIFA 19 PC OR CONSOLES ? : Some Cheats Added to your wishlist


Sure, a PC is more expensive to buy than consoles. However, you can play for free online and the computer has a much longer half-life. If you bought a PC for about 900 € 6 years ago, you can still play the current FIFA with it today.

Nintendo Switch:  The switch is a little over € 300, the controller cost similar to that of the other platforms.

Xbox One & PS4:  The Xbox is 250 €, the PS4 at 300 €. But it always depends on the selected version. There are also monthly costs for online access but some tips will surely add some value to you at FIFA 19 Cheats.


Conclusion - On which platform should I play FIFA 19?

Which console is best for you? Each platform has pros and cons and, ultimately, everyone has to decide for themselves what matters most to them. However, we can give a rough recommendation.

You are a PC FIFA player if you:

  • Ultimate Team cheats, but you do not want to spend a lot of time, you can handle the expensive prizes and it is not important for you to compete against pros in the Weekend League
  • Mainly the career mode plays and / or you mods are important
  • Little emphasis is placed on being able to play online against your friends
  • With the price comes or owns a PC anyway
  • Plenty of emphasis on the graphics

You are a Nintendo Switch FIFA player if you:

  • Little emphasis is placed on graphics
  • Ultimate team plays very little
  • The Journey, Pro clubs and stat tracking not missing
  • To play or especially on the go

You are PS4 or Xbox One FIFA player if you:

  • Want to play against your friends online
  • Almost exclusively Ultimate Team plays and take this mode very seriously
  • Mainly pro-clubs plays
  • Often with friends on the couch