IDFC - Customer Journey Mapping, Branch Format Design, Interior Design, Roll-out

IDFC – Indian Development and Finance Corporation had made its mark as the ‘one firm’ that looks after the diverse needs of infrastructure development and has focused on supporting companies to get the best return on investments. In April 2014, it became one of the latest firms, post a lull in license issuance lasting a decade, to receive their banking license.

In a market with well-entrenched players, the new entity, IDFC Bank needed to be different with its services and offering. Banks within India are seen more as product pushers and less solution providers. IDFC Bank saw this as an opportunity in which it could position itself as a true financial services provider by keeping the needs of the customer first.

Thus was born the idea of the“Un-Bank”.I-AM was tasked with carrying forward this brand idea. I-AM carried out extensive audits in the banking sector and mapped a distinctive and memorable customer journey which was a first within the Indian banking category. Drawing on its global expertise within the banking design space, I-AM came up with the solution of merging the banking industry and retail industry, drawing inspiration from international brands. The revolutionary IDFC Bank branch design for the Modern Indian revolves around the principles of being Fresh; Professional; Friendly and Approachable.

The first IDFC Bank branch rolled out in October 2015 and I-AM has been partnering the bank in rolling out this manifestation of a fresh new way of banking across the country.

What we did

Customer Journey Mapping
Branch Formats Designs
Interior Design

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