Chapter 85

Page 1
Hakurei - Impossible ....... you were the most faithful to Itia out of everyone! And it was you who killed him? I can not believe this ...
Page 2
Gateguard - Precisely, it was me!
Page 3
Gateguard - Soar force!
Hakurei - What? A golden sheep is upon me ....
Page 4
Gateguard - This sheep that shines like gold is the purest of the energies. This is the soul of aries that resides in me body.
Page 5
Gateguard - Aries, which marks the entrance of the twelve houses, is the symbol of rebirth after returning from the world of the dead. It is a mass of pure energy that violently tears the dark sky.
My body acts as a gateway to invoke this energy .... being so ..... hakurei, user of sekishiki, you feel overwhelmed .... by this turbulence of energy
Page 7
Sage - Now ... my brother's cosmos exploded ... this can not happen ... we lost the Pope, we can not lose my brother ..he will be crucial to holy war .... but to join him ...
Francisca - You seem to be a good thinker.
Page 8
Francisca - But I hate thinkers.
Sage - Francisca .... I will defeat your soul ....I can sacrifice him ... no .... I can not kill him! I have to bring him to normal and free him from the fairies that inhabit his soul!
Page 9
Sage - But what should I do ... before a Gold Saint determined to kill me? And the worst is that I'm facing ..... to him!
Francisca- I will not give you time to think about it!
Page 10
Francisca - Bullring spike!
Sage - This power.... This is why he is the one who possesses the greatest explosive power among the golden saints!
Francisca - Haha! I expected no less! You were not thrown by the air ....
Sage - just remember who you are ....
Francisca - you're better at theory ... in that case ..
Page 11
Francisca - Let's compare our strength!
Page 12
Francisca - You’re within reach of my attack!
Page 13
Sage - Hell waves!
Page 14
Francisca- Looks like you threw sand to blind me!
Page 16
Francisca - I will not give you time to think! This place has already become my arena! Sage is just a dead gladiator!
Page 17
Francisca - now ... the final blow!
Page 18
Francisca - How .... sage's body?
Page 19
Francisca - What is this?!
Page 20
Francisca - He was surrounded by several layers of infernal waves .... but when?
Sage - Even after being brainwashed, you still struggle fairly and directly. Francisca .... it was precisely this characteristic that gave me the victory.
Page 21
Francisca - Impossible .... I wrapped you in my arena .. When did you create a spiritual clone?
Sage - I was even in danger .... so I could distract you with the infernal waves once.
Page 22
Sage - In that short space of time, I had the opportunity to gather souls to create a replica of myself. Only then could I win.
Francisca - Just so .... do not drive me crazy, sage! Fight honestly!
Sage - It's all right!
Page 23
Sage- now that you have regained your sanity ....
Page 24
Francisca - stop gateguard, this is the Pope! so you will…
Page 25
Francisca - Kill him! Gateguard!
Page 26
Francisca- Sage?
Sage - Francisca? You are back?
Francisca- Are we near the zodiacal houses? Sorry, sage .... I could not stop the gateguard ...
we must stop him!
Sage - What? Gateguard is here?
Francisca- He is responsible for the death of the Pope. We thought that everything he did was for good ....
Page 27
Sage - This is impossible ..... him? So it was he who instigated the fairies to brainwash everyone ...
Francisca - we have to act quickly .... he’s out of control ...he certainly attacked Pope Itia, and athena ...
Sage - This should be part of … of the so-called ideal worl.. I will not let you put your plan into action, gateguard. But if this is true ....
Page 28
Sage - My brother is in danger!
Page 29
Hakurei - I'm not well .... several of my ribs are broken .... I feel I lack air ...
Gateguard - the silver Cloths... are pathetic.
Hakurei - What?
Gateguard - A gold armor would not have suffered as much damage with just one or two blows. Although the altar armor is recognized for being more resistant than the others ....
Page 30
Gateguard - This is the limit of the Pope’s assistant? You're supposed to be on the same level as us, the golden saints.
Page 31
Gateguard - Did you think about protecting the Pope like this? Or are you unable to demonstrate your real powers by giving up the golden cloth?Why a person so illustrious ...How did you like to opt for an alternative? I know the reason .... and you know … You've always been like this .... Never minded your post!
Page 32
Gateguard - During training, you preferred to have fun with the Bronzesaints and the guards ... and you showed no respect for your superiors. You showed your indifference to the others by receiving instructions from the Pope directly ... even if you avoided the post of Gold Saint.
Just an irresponsible one like you could break the harmony of the sanctuary!
Hakurei - Hahaha ... this is the impression I give you?
Gateguard - You can not protect .... anything.
Page 33
Gateguard - It's better that you die .... hakurei!
Sage - this is dangerous .... if I were to receive this soar force at such a short distance, it is probable that I die ....
Page 34
Gateguard - But .... are these arrows immaterial? what....
Page 35
-Sorry to interrupt a discourse so important ..... after all, I'm just a silver saint, right?
Gateguard - Sagita ..... you worm ...
Hakurei - alcon .... run away!
Gateguard -It does not matter
Sage - gategard is not an opponent for you!
-I do not care what you think ... hakurei.
Page 36
-I like doing things face-to-face, that's all!
Gateguard - oh.
-I heard an echo in my head again. Saying that only the golden saints have value to you ...No ... all of them are useless to you, except for the Pope. That’s why you have permission to interact with colleagues of the same class, and that's why they set fire to that place ..... what a joke!
Page 37
Gateguard - Is it a problem that the elite and superiors have a certain priority in my judgment? I would not say it has no value at all. I just think a silver saint must act in the proper way. And if they stay behind and die ..... it is because of their inferiority.
-Stop talking shit! You think you’re so superior, but it's of no value to me!
Page 38
-No ... after all .... you are also a saint of athena!
Gateguard - I do not even bother defending myself ..... I suspect that the silver saints have a hard time understanding how things really are.
Page 39
Hakurei - I'm convinced you're not telling us your true intention, gateguard.
Page 40
Hakurei - It is certain that I do not distinguish saints by their class .... be they bronze, silver or gold .... gateguard, do you want to feel it? the power of a Silver Saint .... or rather: of the altar constellation!