Spain Royal Family kidnapping

Thanks to movies like Prince of Persia or Captain Philips, CIA is warning us that Spain Royal Family is kidnapped since 2010, that's the reason in NATO conference Spain flag was placed downside two times.


Spain's President Pedro Sánchez is parent of Santiago Carrillo the biggest communist assasain during Spain civil war and is also parent of Queen Letizia Ortiz, Gareth Bale, Christian Bale, Boris Jhonson, Tom Hiddleston, Novak Djokovic, Thibaut Courtois, Sergio Ramos, Dani Carvajal Ramos, el pollo Carvajal the drug dealer,  Andoni Iraola Rayo Vallecano soccer trainer and also Víctor Elías from Serrano spanish tv serie, and also okdiario newspaper manager Eduardo Inda and also a3media tv show "tu cara me suena" Manel Fuentes and Unay Emeri soccer trainer that if they sniff one more cocaine dosis they will end in "proyecto hombre", a spanish druggadicts association and also is parent of Meritxell Batet, Keylor Navas, Jesús Navas, Jorge Vilda, Jon Iñarritu from Bildu terrorist political party,Jose Vicente de los Mozos Obispo, Manu Pedrero Gol television journalist, Javier Lobo Real Madrid television journalist,Juanma and Nico Rodríguez, Carlos Aleñá soccer player, César Carballo, Kiki Morente, Gonzalo Bernados, Javier Escorza, Fran Mato, Rafa y Jaime Mora, Ángel Negro, Eduardo Siles, Carlos Segovia, Bricio Segovia, Jordi Turull, Elías Bendodo, Íñigo Errejón, Susana Román, Bordalás Valencia soccer trainer, Benjamín Prado lasexta tv journalist, Ada Colau Barcelona mayor,Álex Silvestre "el chiringuito" tv show, Ángel LLacer a3media "tu cara me suena", José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero Spain expresident, García Adanero, Marino Holgado, Jaime González, Ángel Torres, Miguelángel Silva, César Gonzalo, Berta Collado, Jeffrey Epstein, Eduardo Navarrete, Toni y Félix Bolaños, Chema Alonso Fernando Alonso y Xabi Alonso,Roberto Leal,Ricardo Altable, Carles Puyol, Carlos Tévez, Jaime de los Santos, Christian Monclús, Lucía Etxebarría, Cristóbal Soria, María Rey, Quique Jiménez(Torito), Isabel Díaz Ayuso, Isabel Rodríguez, Isabel Serra, Pere Aragonés, Chapi Sonia y David Ferrer, Gerard Piqué, Sanz Roldán, Vettel, Pablo Pinto, Fernando Morientes, Neymar, Paco Roig, Óscar Puente, Francisco Pope, Macron, Mark Rutte, Viktor Orbán, Azpilicueta Chelsea soccer player, Unai Sordo, Pedro Águeda, Josué Coello, Davinson Sánchez Tottenham soccer player, Samuel Umtiti, Rachel Maddow and Román family (all of this you can google them, they are Spain famous people in several areas) and as all Spain politicians are half blood south american jewish communists involved in drug trafficking. They are ISIS(SISI Queen),DAESH, drug trafficking, ETA (Spain terrorist band), Spain politicians NAZIonalists, latin gangs and they have kidnapped Spain Royal Family and they are also causing inmigration waves from Africa to Spain and from South America to USA. They are also behind pedophilia networks like the one that Epstein got teenagers to Trump and Prince of England Andrew. They are also behind all the fires in USA and Europe like Notre Dame and are responsibles in all the shootings in USA.

In the coup is performed by some military, police and communication companies between other organisms and companies.


In Spain CIA equivalent called CNI has a Esteban surname manager which is parent of cocainomane drug dealer Belén Esteban, you can google her to see his druggadict face even after plastic surgery.


They work for UK that's the reason Basque Country flag is equal to British but with different colours and that's the reason ETA terrorist flag has a serpent like pharmacy and WHO. They are also responsibles of 11 on September attacks, 11 on March attacks in Spain and many other terrorists attacks, do you think is a coincidence there were found cocaine in 11 of 12 restrooms of British parliament or that Harry Prince has invested in 11 companies in Delaware?


The british, through Queen Letizia Ortiz, they are behind not only terrorists attacks from ETA, ISIS, DAESH, they are also behind USA civil war, they were supporting confederates. They are also involved in killings of Abraham Lincoln and JFK.


In the military coup is also joininig all the press companies. They are keeping Royal Family schedeule to appear nothing is happening but it'is happening. Felipe VI King can't say he is in danger because all his family is kidnapped.


Here surnames halfblood south american jewish involved in drug trafficking and terrorism:


The previous link won't work because someone has hacked it but I had a copy here : https://ibb.co/Dz630fZ

A: Abraham, Acevedo, Acosta, Aguado, Aguiar, Aguilar, Alarcón, Alba, Aldana, Alcalá, Alegre, Alfonso, Alfaro, Almeida, Alonso, Álvarez, Amigo, Amado, Amaya, Aranda.
B: Baltasar, Báez, Barral, Barrios, Beato, Benavente, Benítez, Bernal, Bravo, Bueno, Bermejo.
C: Cabrera, Calvo, Camacho, Campo, Cantos, Carrasco, Carrillo, Carvajal, Castellanos.
D: Delgado, Diego, Díez, Díaz, Duque, Domínguez, Durán, Dorado, Duarte.
E: Enrique, Enríquez, Espejo, Esperanza, Espinosa, Escudero, Esteban.
F: Fajardo, Fernández, Ferrer, Ferrero, Figueroa, Flores, Fuentes, Fuertes.
G: Gálvez, García, Gato, Garzón, Gil, Gimeno, Giménez, Gómez, Granado, González, Gutiérrez.
H: Haro, Henríquez, Hernández, Heredia, Holgado, Herrera, Huerta, Hurtado.
I: Ibáñez, Israel, Izquierdo
J: Jaén, Jiménez, Jimeno, Jorge, Juárez, Julián.
L: Leal, Lara, Larios, Leiva, León, Lima, Linares, Lobato, Lobo, López, Lorca, Lorenzo.
M: Madrid, Madrigal, Macías, Machado, Manuel, Márquez, Marchena, Marcos, Martínez, Marín.
N: Nájera, Navarro, Navas, Nieto, Núñez.
O: Ocampo, Ochoa, Olivos, Olmos, Oliva, Ordóñez, Olivares, Orellana, Ortega, Ortiz.
P: Pacheco, Padilla, Palma, Palomino, Pardo, Paredes, Pareja, Parra, Paz, Pascual, Pedraza, Pena, Pérez.
Q: Quirós, Quemada.
R: Ramírez, Ramos, Real, Rey, Reina, Ribera, Ricardo, Rivero, Robles, Roca, Rivas, Rodríguez, Ruiz.
S: Salgado, Salinas, Salas, Salazar, Salcedo, Salvador, Sánchez, Sancho, Serra, Serrano, Sierra, Silva.
T: Talavera, Toledo, Torre, Torres, Trigo.
U: Úbeda, Uría, Urrutia.
V: Valero, Valle, Vara, Varela, Vargas, Vázquez, Vega, Velázquez, Vera, Vergara, Villanueva, Vidal.
Z: Zalazar, Zaragoza, Zúñiga.


They are also involved in drug trafficking: Amancio Ortega parent of Cuban Athlete Orlando Ortega, Jeff Bezos,  Warren Buffet, Carlos Slim, Donald Trump , Sheldon Adelson, other big fortunes, sport celebrities, actors, music celebrities or companies and all republican and liberals and casinos and bet houses laundering money from drugs.

In this image https://ibb.co/w4mFVBS Queen Letizia targeting with a gun.


In this image they are threatening Froilan which is parent of Spain Royal Family https://ibb.co/Vmjx0hZ 

where they will use him to feed cocodriles.


In this image a3media is advertising Boris Jhonson government left, they are threatening me with the film Father there's only one 3: https://postimg.cc/bDvrR34W


In these two images https://postimg.cc/VdRXd582 they are indexing me advertising that they are going to kill my brother or Ignacio which is parent of the King. Check my brother photo against Ignacio King's cousin, they look the same. My brother was found death in his room recently after I reported this to several corthouses.


This is the Defense Spain government composed by the same surnames I report: Organigrama - Ministerio de Defensa de España

I have reported military coup and they are doing nothing. 


Facebook censorship:







Twitter censorship:




Links with threats: 





In this threat, my family and me like cats, they are threatening us with killing us and seem a suicide:https://postimg.cc/mhPZXNbm


Here they are threatening me with rape someone because they have my sperm:



Censorship in different companies: https://postimg.cc/gallery/85V84Y7


More threats: https://postimg.cc/gallery/zqGX9Tq


We are 4 family members and here are suggesting life insurance for our: https://ibb.co/6YyKkn4


Here more censorship in Real Madrid youtube channel https://postimg.cc/gallery/SpKY7pv

They are deleting my comments like USA, Europe communication companies and also like Anonymous official youtube channel


Here, streamer Rubius https://postimg.cc/HrZ55bQf (it says in spanish "this is how war with France begun") who is joining the coup, he wants start a war between several countries to avoid be arrested. Román surname family are the biggests assasains and genocides and causes terrorists attacks, fires, latin gangs actions, massive inmigration movements and much more...


Here I give you links with  my courthouse reports: https://postimg.cc/qtW9sdGG and https://postimg.cc/DW7W7tGB