What is video production process?

Learn how production design basics can help create warm summer scenes in your film or video projects.

It's that season of the year! Summer is upon us once more as temperatures rise. As a result, we shed layers of clothing and open our beaches and pools. Although it may seem ridiculous to ask how it feels in real life, summertime can be difficult in film and video.




So how can a film inform viewers that it's hot and sunny on a summer day? The production design is the key to seasonal settings. Let's see how mood boards and props can be combined with acting and cinematography to create the perfect summer scene.


A common "Corporate Video", for example, might include an About Us Video (Explainer Video), Explainer Video (Animated Video), Introduction Video), Internal Communications Video; Marketing Video; Product Video; Client Testimonial Video. Training Video or Highlight Video.


Below is an example from a Highlight Video we made for a corporate customer in Atlanta, GA.


A corporate video is often associated with looking professional or polished. Its intended purpose is to communicate clearly what you are trying to communicate and not get too artsy. A Brand Video or Creative Video are often required if someone desires an artsy video. Corporate Video usually refers to professional and straightforward communications. Corporate Video is almost always referred to as internal communications by larger corporations. Smaller companies use the term for both external and internal communications.



Our attention spans have become shorter. A great Corporate Video should average between 30 seconds and two minutes long. Training Videos are an exception. Here you have a captive audience with a lot to communicate.


Final Conclusion

Although you are free to use Corporate Video to refer to any project, you don't want anyone else to assume that it will cost $50K, even though you plan to spend $5K. It is always helpful to be able to confidently use industry-standard terms at work.

It doesn't matter if you need to update old videos for recruitment or make a new advertisement for the brand, it is always a good idea to have a professional video production company as part of your business contacts.


Although it is tempting to simply Google "video production companies near me" and select the first one, you should spend some time researching and choosing the right company.


One of my favorite tricks to create that summer look is not from any set or prop but from the characters. Sweat is a powerful way to convey heat, as you can see from The Sandlot and Do the Right Thing. A character who is out in the sun will likely sweat, sometimes quite a lot.


A few water misters or water squirts bottles will be helpful if you need to give characters that sweaty look. Visible sweat is crucial if you're doing close-ups. You can also sell heat if you work in the broad.


You should remember to keep hydrated when shooting outdoors in the heat. Take lots of breaks and make sure that no one gets too hot.