AI vs EQ

With the ever-evolving changes in AI (AI) we are seeing more and more tasks being administered by machines. One thing we all know a machine cannot do is express emotions. Yes, a robot are often interactive and even ask you, answer your questions and appear to be during a conversation but words are just words if expressed without emotion.


As humans, we do not robotically express words; we feel them and in most cases understand their impact on those we are expressing them to. Try telling someone they need upset you in words, without tone or emotion. attempt to express yourself without emotion when someone cuts you off in traffic causing you to swerve into the pavement, this is often usually an impossible task. you're an emotional being and your programming links feelings, thoughts, actions and words.

Our brains automatically trigger a reaction to a stimulus supported our past experiences during a similar or same situation, and a bit like an automatic "bot", you've got a programmed response. Coach Sonja Shear can help


The similarity between humans and AI is that a bit like you'll change the programming and teach new responses and behavior in AI, so can also you are doing this in humans. this is often referred to as developing emotional intelligence.

If we will understand what our triggers are, we will change our response in every situation, ensuring we always get the results we would like . 


The process is simple; we'd like to know our internal programming, take a step by step approach to changing the way we react to situations until we naturally program our brains to reply during a "new" way.

Step 1: I pause and recognise 

Step 2: I understand 

Step 3: I manage the impact 


The emotional intelligence workshops that we present, which are developed by Leadership dynamics® specialise in enabling individuals to recognise, understand and manage the impact of emotion on their behaviour, so as to interact with others effectively and achieve the specified result. What this suggests , is that you simply are going to be ready to control the way you react in any situation by managing your emotions. 


You need to reprogram your reactions and develop your emotional intelligence if you would like to enhance your interaction with others and obtain better results out of each situation in your life. this is applicable to relationships together with your peers, your family, your partner, your co-workers and your team. 

Who can enjoy developing their emotional intelligence? Anyone who deals with people, is during a relationship, works with or within a team, who deals with customers, drives within the traffic, shops in retail stores, has children, has friends or who breathes.


Make the change and improve your internal technology by getting your team to finish our emotional intelligence programme, and see the longer term and sustainability of your business come into focus. Turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.