Commodore - VIC-20 - 292 GAMES - RETRO GAMING HOUSE
[BIOS] Commodore 1540 (World)
[BIOS] Commodore VIC-20 (Europe)
[BIOS] Commodore VIC-20 (Sweden)
[BIOS] Commodore VIC-20 (USA)
[BIOS] Commodore VIC-1001 (Japan)
A.E. (World)
Adventureland Adventure (World) (SYS 32592)
Aggressor (Europe)
Aggressor (Japan, USA)
Alien (Japan, USA)
Alien Blitz (Japan, USA)
Alien Sidestep (Japan, USA)
Alphabet Zoo (Japan, USA)
Amazing Maze (World) (Alt 1)
Amazing Maze (World)
Amidar (Europe)
Amok! (World)
Ape Escape (World) (Alt 1)
Ape Escape (World)
Apple Panic (Japan, USA)
Arachnoid (World)
Arcadia (Europe)
Artillery Duel (Japan, USA)
Assam (World) (SYS 700) (Program)
Astroblitz (Europe)
Astroblitz (Japan, USA)
Atlantis (Europe)
Atlantis (Japan, USA)
Attack of the Mutant Camels (World)
Avenger (Japan, USA)
Bandits (Japan, USA)
Bank Robber (World)
BASIC 4.0 (World) (Program)
BASIC V5 (World) (Program)
Battlezone (Japan, USA)
Black Hole (Europe)
Black Hole (Japan, USA)
Buck Rogers - Planet of Zoom (World)
Bug Crusher (World)
Buti Toolkit (World) (Program)
Cannonball Blitz (Japan, USA)
Capture the Flag (Japan, USA) (Alt 1)
Capture the Flag (Japan, USA)
Cassette Turbo (World) (Program)
Catch-a-Snatch (Europe)
Cave-in (World) (Alt 1)
Cave-in (World)
Centipede (Japan, USA)
Choplifter (Europe)
Choplifter (Japan, USA) (Alt 1)
Choplifter (Japan, USA)
Chuck Norris Superkicks (World)
Cloudburst (Europe)
Clowns (Japan, USA) (Joystick)
Clowns (Japan, USA) (Paddle)
Combasic (World) (SYS 45056) (Program)
Commodore Artist (Japan, USA) (Program)
Computer War (World)
Congo Bongo (Japan, USA)
Cosmic Cruncher (World) (Alt 1)
Cosmic Cruncher (World) (Alt 2)
Cosmic Cruncher (World)
Cosmic Jailbreak (Japan, USA)
Count Adventure, The (World) (SYS 32592)
Creepy Corridors (Japan, USA)
Crossfire (Europe)
Crossfire (Japan, USA)
Cyclon (World)
Dancing Bear, The (Japan, USA)
Deadly Duck (Europe)
Deadly Skies (Europe)
Defender (World) (v1.1)
Demon Attack (Europe)
Demon Attack (Japan, USA)
Dig Dug (Japan, USA)
Donkey Kong (Japan, USA)
Dot Gobbler (Japan, USA) (Alt 1)
Dot Gobbler (Japan, USA)
Dragonfire (World)
Droids (World)
E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial (Europe) (Alt 1)
E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial (Europe)
ExBASIC Level II (World) (Program)
Face Maker (World) (Alt 1)
Face Maker (World)
Fast Eddie (Japan, USA)
Final Orbit + Bumper Bash (Japan, USA) (Alt 1)
Final Orbit + Bumper Bash (Japan, USA)
Flipper 1.0 (Japan, USA)
Fourth Encounter, The (World)
Frogger (Japan, USA)
Fun with Music (World)
Galaxian (World)
Garden Wars (Japan, USA) (Alt 1)
Garden Wars (Japan, USA)
Ghost Manor (Japan, USA)
Gold Fever (World)
Gorf (Japan, USA)
Gridrunner (Europe)
Gridrunner (Japan, USA)
Handy Toolkit (Netherlands) (Program)
HesMon (World) (v1.1) (Alt 1) (Program)
HesMon (World) (v1.1) (Program)
HesWriter (World) (v1.1) (Program)
Hires Toolkit (World) (SYS 45056) (Program)
Home Babysitter (World)
Household Finance (World) (Program)
IFR (Flight Simulator) (World) (Alt 1)
IFR (Flight Simulator) (World)
In the Chips (Japan, USA)
Jawbreaker II (Europe)
Jawbreaker II (Japan, USA)
Jelly Monsters (Japan, USA)
Jungle Hunt (Japan, USA)
Jupiter Lander (Japan, USA)
Kids on Keys (World)
Kindercomp (World)
K-Razy Antiks (Europe)
K-Star Patrol (Europe)
Lazer Zone (World)
Lode Runner (World)
Lunar Leeper (Japan, USA)
Mastertype (World)
Maze (Japan, USA) (Alt 1)
Maze (Japan, USA)
Medieval Joust (World) (Alt 1)
Medieval Joust (World)
Menagerie (World) (Alt 1)
Menagerie (World) (Alt 2)
Menagerie (World)
Meteor Run (Europe)
Mine Madness (Japan, USA)
Miner 2049'er (Europe) (Alt 1)
Miner 2049'er (Europe)
Mission Impossible Adventure (World) (SYS 32592)
Mole Attack (Japan, USA) (Alt 1)
Mole Attack (Japan, USA)
Money Wars (Japan, USA) (Alt 1)
Money Wars (Japan, USA) (Alt 2)
Money Wars (Japan, USA) (Alt 3)
Money Wars (Japan, USA)
Monster Maze (World)
Moon Patrol (Japan, USA)
Mosquito Infestation (Europe)
Motocross Racer (Japan, USA)
Mountain King (Japan, USA)
Ms. Pac-Man (Japan, USA)
Mutant Herd (Europe) (Alt 1)
Mutant Herd (Europe)
Number Crunch (Japan, USA)
Number Nabber, Shape Grabber (Japan, USA)
Omega Race (Japan, USA)
Outworld (Europe)
Outworld (Japan, USA)
Pac-Man (World) (Alt 1)
Pac-Man (World)
Personal Finance (World) (Program)
PET Loader (Europe) (Program)
Pharaoh's Curse (World) (Alt 1)
Pharaoh's Curse (World)
Pinball (Europe)
Pinball Spectacular (Japan, USA)
Pipes (Japan, USA)
Pirate's Cove Adventure (World) (SYS 32592)
Poker (Japan, USA) (Alt 1)
Poker (Japan, USA)
Polaris (Japan, USA)
Pole Position (Japan, USA)
Predator (Europe)
Predator (Japan, USA)
Princess and Frog (Japan, USA)
Programmer's Aid Cartridge (World) (SYS 28681) (Program)
Protector (World)
Q-bert (Japan, USA)
Quackers (Europe) (Alt 1)
Quackers (Europe)
Quick Brown Fox (World) (SYS 32692) (Program)
Raid on Fort Knox (World) (Alt 1)
Raid on Fort Knox (World)
Rat Hotel (Japan, USA) (Alt 1)
Rat Hotel (Japan, USA)
Renaissance (Japan, USA)
River Rescue (World) (Alt 1)
River Rescue (World)
Road Race (Japan, USA) (Alt 1)
Road Race (Japan, USA) (Alt 2)
Road Race (Japan, USA)
Robin Hood (Japan, USA)
Robot Panic (World) (Alt 1)
Robot Panic (World)
Sargon II Chess (Japan, USA) (Alt 1)
Sargon II Chess (Japan, USA)
Satellite Patrol (Japan, USA)
Satellites and Meteorites! (Europe)
Satellites and Meteorites! (Japan, USA)
Scorpion (Europe) (Alt 1)
Scorpion (Europe)
Scram 20 (World)
Screen Master (World) (Program)
Sea Wolf (Japan, USA)
Seafox (Japan, USA)
Serpentine (Europe)
Serpentine (Japan, USA)
Shamus (Japan, USA)
Sir Lancelot (World)
Skibbereen (Europe)
Skibbereen (Japan, USA)
Skyblazer (Japan, USA)
Snake Byte (Japan, USA)
Space Ric-O-Shay (Japan, USA) [b]
Space Snake (Netherlands)
Speed Math & Bingo Math (Japan, USA) (Alt 1)
Speed Math & Bingo Math (Japan, USA)
Spider City (Japan, USA) (Alt 1)
Spider City (Japan, USA)
Spiders of Mars (Europe)
Spike's Peak (Japan, USA)
Spills & Fills (Japan, USA)
Springer (Japan, USA)
Squish'Em (Japan, USA)
Star Battle (Japan, USA)
Star Post (Japan, USA)
Star Trek - Strategic Operations Simulator (World) (Alt 1)
Star Trek - Strategic Operations Simulator (World)
Story Machine (World) (Alt 1)
Story Machine (World)
Sub Chase (Europe)
Submarine Commander (World)
Super Amok (Japan, USA) (Alt 1)
Super Amok (Japan, USA)
Super Expander (World) (Program)
Super Smash (Europe)
Super Smash (Japan, USA) (Alt 1)
Super Smash (Japan, USA)
Synthesound (World) (Program)
Tank Atak (Europe)
Terraguard (Europe)
Terraguard (Japan, USA)
Threshold (Japan, USA)
Titan (World)
Tomarc the Barbarian (World)
Tooth Invaders (Japan, USA)
Topper (Japan, USA)
Trashman (World)
Turmoil (Japan, USA)
Turtle Graphics (World) (Alt 1) (Program)
Turtle Graphics (World) (Alt 2) (Program)
Turtle Graphics (World) (Program)
Tutankham (World)
Type Attack (Japan, USA)
Typo (Japan, USA)
VC Extra (World) (Program)
VC Song-Cartridge - Inventio-Pac (Germany) (Program) [b]
VC Song-Cartridge - The Mad Boogy (Germany) (Alt 1) (Program)
VC Song-Cartridge - The Mad Boogy (Germany) (Program)
VC Song-Cartridge - The Synthe-Song (Germany) (Program)
VC-20 Diagnostic (Europe) (Program)
VIC 20 Micromon (World) (v1.2) (Program)
VIC Color Test (Germany) (Program)
VIC Debug 98 (World) (SYS 40960) (Program)
VIC Forth (World) (v1.0) (Program)
VIC Forth (World) (v1.1) (Program)
VIC Graph (World) (Program)
VIC Music Composer, The (Japan, USA) (Alt 1) (Program)
VIC Music Composer, The (Japan, USA) (Program)
VIC Rabbit (World) (Program) [b]
VIC Radar Rat Race (Europe)
VIC Radar Rat Race (Japan, USA) (Alt 1)
VIC Radar Rat Race (Japan, USA)
VIC Stat (World) (Program)
VIC Super Lander (Japan, USA)
VIC Super Slot (Japan, USA) (Alt 1)
VIC Super Slot (Japan, USA)
VICMon (World) (SYS 24576) (Program)
VICMon (World) (SYS 45056) (Program)
VICMon 2 (World) (SYS 24576) (Program)
Victerm 40 (World) (Program)
VicTool (World) (SYS 45056) (Program)
Video Vermin (World)
Videomania (Europe)
Videomania (Japan, USA)
Visible Solar System, The (World) (Alt 1)
Visible Solar System, The (World) (Alt 2)
Visible Solar System, The (World)
Voodoo Castle Adventure (World) (SYS 32592)
W&T Parallel-Interface (World) (Program)
Wacky Waiters (Europe) (SYS 48896)
Wordcraft 20 (World) (Alt 1) (Program)
Wordcraft 20 (World) (Alt 2) (Program)
Wordcraft 20 (World) (Program)
World at War, A (World)
Write Now! (World) (SYS 41000) (Program)