2019 Ministry of Education Security Check Summary Report




序号     类型     隐患问题

1          规章制度          没有针对具体实验室的安全守则

2                      实验室安全制度没有上墙

3          安全检查          隐患与问题未整改到位

4          实验场所          实验室存在堆放杂物较多的现象

5                      安全通道狭窄

6                      实验室存放大量纸箱,拥挤混乱

7                      实验和生活区未分隔

8                      学生未穿实验服

9          安全设施          未安装洗眼器

10                    喷淋装置未定期维护,不能正常使用

11        基础安全          设备使用台账未及时记录

12        化学安全          实验室实验台架无防护栏

13                    化学试剂瓶标签手写,不规范

14                    管控品存放不规范

15                    管控品存放未实行双人双锁管理

16                    钢瓶未固定

17                    危险气体存放较多且无报警装置

18                    多种气瓶钢瓶混放,未安装泄漏报警装置

19                    气路标识不清晰

20                    乙炔气瓶未安装报警装置和存放在防爆柜中

21                    废液收集桶未张贴醒目标签

22                    部分废液收集桶敞口放置

23                    化学垃圾与生活垃圾混放

24                    废液存放区无标识

25        生物安全          医学部废弃物暂存柜生化废弃物处置简单,暂存量过多

26                    医学部废弃物暂存柜废物转移单缺少时间负责人签名

27        机电安全          接线板串联多台大功率设备

28                    电器电源线接头裸露

29                    配电箱前放置衣架,操作不方便

30                    校本部废弃物中转站照明系统不防爆

31        常规冷热设备  烘箱等加热设备叠放

32                    烘箱等加热设备未设置警示标识


2019 Ministry of Education Security Check Summary Report

No. Type Hidden Danger

1 Regulations There are no specific laboratory-specific safety rules

2 The laboratory safety system is not on the wall

3 Safety inspection Hidden dangers and problems are not in place

4 Experimental site There is a lot of debris in the laboratory

5 Narrow safe passage

6 The laboratory stores a lot of cartons, which is crowded and chaotic

7 The experiment and living area are not separated

8 Students are not wearing lab coats

9 Safety facilities No eyewash

10 The spray device is not regularly maintained and cannot be used normally

11 Basic safety equipment use account is not recorded in time

12 Chemical Safety Laboratory test bench without guardrail

13 Handwriting of chemical reagent bottle label, not standardized

14 Non-standard storage of control products

15 Controlled product storage does not implement double double lock management

16 Cylinder is not fixed

17 There are many dangerous gases stored and there is no alarm device

More than 18 kinds of gas cylinders and steel cylinders are placed together without leakage alarm device

19 The gas path is not clear

20 The acetylene gas cylinder is not installed with an alarm device and stored in an explosion-proof cabinet

21 No conspicuous label posted on the waste liquid collection barrel

22 Part of the waste liquid collection barrel is placed open

23 Chemical waste and household waste mixed

24 No mark in waste liquid storage area

25 Biosafety The temporary storage cabinets of the Ministry of Medicine have simple disposal of biochemical waste and too much temporary storage

26 The Ministry of Medicine's temporary waste storage cabinet waste transfer slip is missing the signature of the person in charge

27 Mechanical and electrical safety

28 Exposed electrical power cord connector

29 It is inconvenient to put a hanger in front of the distribution box

30 The lighting system of the waste transfer station of the school headquarters is not explosion-proof

31 Conventional cooling and heating equipment Oven and other heating equipment stacked

32 There is no warning sign for heating equipment such as oven