Ha---. Playing basketball is really fun after all!
This wind----- has made my mind and heart go empty,
there's this state of no-mindedness when I chase the ball--.
In a way, It feels quite nice.
Somehow, I feel like I can do it!
When I say that, I mean----.
You-chan always,
clears out her head and tries to be the Tsukkomi----.
I, have been good at physical activies since I was small----
In particular,
I loved any games with a ball.
Basketball and Volleyball, Handball and Badminton........
Huh? Badmintion---- is different from the rest?
But, the end of the shuttle is rounded, and it resembles tennis....
geez let me say it's similar-------.

As You-chan, I think of nothing,
except the distance.
The time where I can run after the ball,
I like it very much♪
If I keep it up and do my best,
everyone will show support----.
"You-chan is awesome!!"
Is how they praise me.♡
Ehehe----It's quite generic.
Still, however.
This feeling---.
It's kinda similar to participating in Aqours, isn't it♡
Chasing that ball.
The feeling that everyone empties their minds and dashes ahead.
Without a doubt,
at the end of a game---
I make the best shot----
an absolute victory!!
So I decide with my heart,
that I'll continue running.
You'll definitely--- watch us right?
You, the physical education hero---.
Will definitely make the next shot♡

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