Sleepwell Mattress Price List

If you're shopping for a new mattress, you've probably come across some of the exaggerated claims about Sleepwell's mattresses, most likely spun by advertising professionals with a stake in your decision. The government, particularly its politicians, sleep well, thus it's often important for them to be perceived as the benevolent good guys. A bit of a wake-up call, perhaps?


In one case that came to light, the mayor of London commissioned a sleep study to find out what the average adult mattress size was. That yielded this result: "sleeps well who purchase Sleepwell mattresses pay more." That report did not mention Sleepwell's competitors, nor did it mention any other brands of bedding. It merely stated, "The highest proportion of sales to customers [who] buy [sleeps} in a Sleepwell store is for mattresses, followed by air beds. Mattress price

Other studies have compared sleep-takers with control group members who did not buy Sleepwell products. They found no significant difference in terms of sleep quality, yet the control group made significantly more than the sleepers who bought other brands. The difference between the mattresses was only one of several, many findings, in a series of tests showing the Tempurpedic and Foamex to be better for your health, for softer sleep, better for your joints and feet, and more comfortable than other brands. Among the Tempurpedic and Foamex mattresses, the one that comes closest to Sleepwell's high-quality claim is the memory foam.


Among other things, Sleepwell's mattresses are better for your health because they are higher in quality, using coils and springs that support your back and neck as you sleep. They are composed of about three layers of material that are not interconnected and which form two layers of foam. Tempurpedic and Foamex mattresses offer a higher density of the foam, which means less pressure on your joints, but greater comfort.

The Tempurpedic and Foamex both include in their bedding materials top-grade materials that provide maximum support but are also resistant to moisture. When you lie on either of these types of products, you will find yourself sinking deeper and feeling more like a "floater" on a cloud of comfort. The fact that they are more luxurious and supportive means that the Sleepwell duet air mattress costs more, too. It is the most expensive of the sleep systems available. However, it may be your best bet for overall sleep comfort and quality.


The Sleep Wells mattress line is divided into three separate categories: a Tempurpedic, a memory foam, and a firm side. The difference between the three is very slight. Tempurpedic has a higher density, which means it is more firm than the other two. Memory foam has less density but is plusher. A firm side also has less density than the other two, but it is softer than the Tempurpedic and contains tiny air pockets that provide extra softness.

All of the Sleep Wells mattresses contain what is known as a "retinol", which is a form of Vitamin E that provides good support and wears away naturally as you use the mattress. Some of the newer models have a "spandex blend" covering that provides additional softness. The firm side of the mattress has a satin fabric cover that has small air pockets that provide extra comfort for the sleeper. The whole package takes care of a full night's rest.


When you take all of these things into consideration, it is easy to see why Sleepwell mattresses are so affordable. They offer all the features you need at a price that can be afforded by most families. By shopping online, you can get a closer look at the mattress you are interested in and then make your selection from the Sleepwell mattress price list on the site of the retailer.

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