Chapter 92

Page 1

Yoshino - I can not see anything! Is hyoga okay ?!

Natassia- poor.....

Yoshino - Natassia? what is happening?!

Natassia- Poor daddy ... daddy is crying.

Page 2

Natassia- I can not hear their voice, but ... but I know ... that Daddy is crying …

Page 3

Hyoga- Aurora Execution.

Isaak - Hyoga ... do not live for the death of people ... live for the life of the people ... do not sacrifice ... anymore for anybody!

Page 4

Isaak - You must be the one who survives .... to the end for someone. If so ... your death will not be in vain.

Page 5

I can not see it, but I feel a gigantic cosmos exploding! he absorbed the power that hyoga fired ....  he self-destructed ?! even though the third law of thermodynamics does not exist in this world, it is impossible to ignore its advent now.

Page 6

a temperature lower than that of absolute zero .... it’s humanly impossible to attain and can not be obtained in this world! but the power is not balanced ... the cold air of Hyoga, fueled with the power of a life, is being pressed! the power of the camus that returned to this era .... surpasses   the human limits!

Shura - death mask! Do not go for it recklessly!

Page 7

Deathmask - no ... I have let almost all of this happen naturally .... I reject any of the words that are indulgent, such as "love," "sympathy," or "friendship." I gave up all this before ... I own death ... hell is my world .... I can not do anything but wait in this place.

Shura - Deathmask, although he rejects the feelings contained in the words ... there is still a handful inside that was not rejected.

Page 8

Shura - that word is trust!

Hyoga - even if  I’m putting on a Gold Cloth... I can not protect myself from the cold air ... my right hand is no longer responding … my hands, which were representing the constellation of Aquarius, are separating ... the aquarium is breaking …

Page 9

Hyoga - Everything is cracking!

Page 10

Isaak - You was distracted? You dropped it?

Hyoga - ah! I dropped it! I only bother my master and you, Isaak. I'm really useless.

Isaak - there is a same glass here .... you can use it.

Hyoga - but this is yours, Isaak …

Isaak -Does not that bother you? Is it any problem if we both use the same?

Hyoga - Is it okay for you?

Page 11

Isaak - certainly! In the end we are friends. we have a bond like blood brothers. the brothers support each other ... we are two parts of one! hyoga, even if you succumb, I will support you unconditionally!

Page 12

Isaak - even if you fall, I will support it unconditionally. because we are two for one!

Page 13

Hyoga - we are two for one! Isaak ..... your cosmos and your life ... are with me now, at this moment.

Page 14

Deathmask - the cold air of three people is merging ... hell is emerging in this space. the furthest place from the portal of hell is the river Acheron... the cocytus was invoked! I was waiting for this moment!