Chapter 89

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Aiolos - Until when did you continue with this? Is this a good time? the preparations have been completed ... of a perfect setting for you. can you hear me?
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Aiolos - now ...... is the right time for you to wake up ... come to me, the one responsible for the block of ice!
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show them .... the devil who dwells .... in your eyes!
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the devil who always lives in the heart.
Shura - Hyoga ... I understand your impatience ... but I want you to tell us ... what happened to natassia?
Yoshino - Natassia, cover your ears!
Hyoga - she herself did not notice, but ... unexpectedly she lost all knowledge. during that lapse ... her breathing and heart function stopped. thanks to shun, we were attended with emergency in the hospital, although secretly ... but they did not discover the cause ....
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Hyoga - modern medicine diagnosed it as a sudden cardiac arrest of unknown cause .... but they are wrong ... the real cause was..... the body and the soul of natassia have begun to separate .... this is what I believe ... Natassia is slowly starting to die .... I know that all people are walking towards death .... but I am her father ..... and my mission is .. ... to delay this possibility ... I ... always ... lived without being able to protect the people I care about ...
Page 7
Hyoga - but this time I will protect you .... definitely ... there has to be an option .... there has to be. Deathmask, sorry for the lack of courtesy ... sorry. Tell me what to do. I want to save natassia, Deathmask .... I beg you. You can do whatever you want with me ... but I beg you.
Page 8
Deathmask - the life and death of people can not be so convenient ..... in those who have died for a long time and who now live in this time, is nothing more than a miracle. if people were able to decide the freedom of their own lives ... there would be no need for death to reach them.
Page 9
Milo - this is the way of the lost world ... or rather ... this is the way that the Aiolos we do not know, acts. he effectively uses it and controls the weak point .... and uses it as if it were a technique. fights between Gold SAints... is a karma ... it makes us weak against each other under the justification of this karma .... if this guy .... chose this way to complete his great ambition …
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Milo - then he completely annihilated the enemies he chose.
Aiolos - total annihilation !! Well, let's begin ... the celebration.
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Deathmask - this ... everything ... the motivations of Aiolos ... are annoying. his method of acting ..... can not be used on this child.
Hyoga - death mask.
Deathmask - I can not let a "faceless" that I have found escape, I have the mission to send everyone to the world of the dead. the union is a way to combat weakness ..... that can decide everything.
Page 12
Deathmask - a powerful will will repel death and sustain it in this world. my will is violent, as it should be.
Hyoga - from the beginning, if it is for a person I love ... I will become an untiring human.
Deathmask - hehe ..... so conform to my instructions?
Milo - wait ... what is this cosmos ?!
Page 13
the ice wizard awoke. my master ..... Camus ....
Page 14
Shura - This is the Devil Fist ?! no .... this cosmo is slightly brutal ?!
Aiolos - look closely ... this is my power. this is real domination. genrou majinken. Devil Emperor Fist!