Chapter 88
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Shun - Shion, you told me ..... that it would be beneficial for that girl ..... that there would be a way to save her. I believe in your words.
Shion - Guiding the way to analyze all possibilities is insufficient ... this is reality. in the world there is nothing that will always be positive. but in spite of that, I believe even more ..... in the potential of humans.
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Shun - me too. I think that way. for today we are finished, I will be ready to visit you immediately if something happens. otherwise, we're scheduled for next week.
Shion - Will you go to the ice block?
Shun - yes .... this girl ... is very important to me.
Shion - Are you really going to get the result ... it's painful?
Shun - Yes.
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Shun - I do not plan to stop trusting people. I will not fail to believe in the power that people possess to create a future. Besides, I would hate ... to do nothing.
Shion - this phrase suits you. this is the conviction of a really stubborn person.
Shun - Yes, I'm stubborn.
Shion - well ..... with your permission.
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Shion - shun ... I hope the world in which people live ... can only be created by themselves ... do not forget that.
Shun - your will and your words ... are etched in my cosmos....
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Shun - the hearts that believe in the future are the ones that materialize. I trust in the innocence of all people .... I trust my soul friends ... I will never doubt them ... and never will I betray them.
Shun-I'm sorry for greeting you only now. It is a pleasure to see you .....
Page 6
June- I get it. It is necessary to protect Shion's body ... do not worry about anything else. It will save the people ... who are most important to you. even if I try to stop you, you still go to the battlefield. if you owe yourself as a knight ... your duty as a person .... and that you need to care for everyone ... it would not be wise to prevent it.
Shun- I'm sorry, June. even after all, I chose to fight to the end.
June- I know... because I too will do my duty. No one entered this place. Make sure you get back safe and sound. There are many people who will twist on their return. everyone in the sanctuary…. his patients ... should know that many people are drawn to his benevolence.
Page 7
June - and so do I .... I'll be here waiting for you. go on fridays .... without looking back. You will triumph. because you .... today will also .... without looking back.
Page 8
June - even if I see a future without hope ... there has always been a chance to overcome this.

the unlimited light that always remains lit and the hope ... all Saints are aware of this. and the confidence in this hope that connects us to each other. and this bond is perceived when we, the Saints... we fight together!
Page 9
and as soon as we form a bond ... it will never break.
Shura - Hyoga !! hang on! it's not just your power ..... is it gathering all the cold air from around you?
Milo - Stop, Deathmask!
Deathmask - what do you mean? Do you not want me to react to this kid?
Page 11
Deathmask - He's wearing his armor, but only his right arm? Is it to withstand the power of your own attack ?! damn you!!
Page 12
Deathmask - he thinks I need my full armor and that I can only control souls?! I live together with the spirits of hell !! from now on I will not restrain myself ... I will not restrain my physical strength!
Hyoga - he is concentrating a destructive power .... that is destroying everything .... from the underground ?!
Page 13
Deathmask - kirin gouken. the ghost, the second constellation of the seven mansions of the Southern Red Bird of the 28 mansions.... ... I will obtain the power that has numbed even the demons.
Page 14
Doubt turned into conviction .... the golden Saints who returned in this age .... they all returned with a great power ... those who have overcome death .... these people have overcome ... to acquire this power ... is this the goal of the lost shrine ?!
Page 15 - don’t even wanna translate this
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Yoshino - I do not think it's right to say so many horrible words in front of natassia ... please ... be a wonderful and good-natured father as you always was.
Hyoga - yes .... so it will be ... natassia .... sorry ... daddy was stressed.
Natassia - All right ... Daddy is always good. because natassia had always liked you very much, Dad.
Page 17
Natassia - and that's why natassia will be a good girl ... a good girl! Daddy, do not do that ugly face !!
Yoshino - death mask!
Deathmask - what is it? I heard you ....
Yoshino - why do you have to be so detestable like this when you open your mouth? Be a good person!
Deathmask - I'm not a good person Are you deaf ?! You idiot!!

Yoshino - Is there a way to save natassia?
Deathmask - no!
Yoshino - Yes! There has to be! You have not come here just for this! tell me please!
Deathmask - shut up!!
Page 18
Yoshino - You have to tell me ... please!
Deathmask- Icould create false hopes ....
Yoshino - there is! I knew it! there is another way!
Deathmask - You're unbearably annoying, you know that?
Shura - aldebaran .... your daughter, she is really ... athena!