What is Filterblade?


What is Filterblade?


Filterblade may be a free item drop filter customizing website. This website works for the favored Game ‘Path of Exile.’ it's shortly referred to as PoE. Item filters were first introduced as an optional feature within the popular adult game ‘The Awakening,’ which gave a chance to the players to customize what they need to ascertain when an item drops within the game. ‘The Awakening’ is that the 2.0 Version of ‘Path of Exile’ in beta version.


How does Filterblade work?

A filter generally works with some set rules. the principles have some requirements and actions. Suppose when an item drops, the filtering action goes through all the principles from top to bottom. When the item meets all the standards of 1 of the wants of the principles , it uses that rule’s actions. The look for the item stops then . It means whenever a filtering action is run, every item can always be suffering from just one single rule. 


FilterBlade saves the changes you're making with the filter. Those changes are continuously saved, and once you return to FilterBlade, on the overview screen, you'll find a touch box that might ask you if you would like to load the saved data by clicking auto-saved changes.


What are the filtering options on Filterblade

The customizer for the filter is made to not fail or cause any damage to your filters. you'll switch back and forth while customizing until you're satisfied together with your filter. The filtering options of FilterBlade have customization option for: 


For general category

Vendor Recipes

Chancing Bases


Unique items

Divination Cards

Current League: Ritual

Expansion: Echoes of the Atlas



Endgame- General(after level 65+) category

High-Level crafting



Enchanted Items

Additional exotic and SSF rules



Maps and Map- like items category

Maps- General Configuration

Maps- Highlight and conceal 

Map Fragments



Unique Maps



Endgame- Rare items category

Add custom Show/Hide rare endgame rules

T1 and T2: Handpicked Bases

T3 and T4: DropLevel Settings

Influenced Items



League- Specific Items category

Heist: Contracts

Heist: Rewards

Heist: Equipment

Harvest- Seeds & Co.

Delirium, Simulacrum&ClustersJewel

Blight- Oils, Blighted Maps

Legion- Incubators, Splinters

Betrayal- Veiled Mods

Delve- Resonators, Fossils, Mods

Incursion- Vials, Mods

Other Leagues



Leveling (Below level 65) category

Add custom show/hide leveling rules

Item progression

Colors and Links

Flask Sections

Leveling rares

Advanced: Finetune Settings



Miscellaneous category

Identified Mod Filtering

Valuable Linked Items

Skill Gems

Misc. Items

Optional filter modules

Add additional show/hide rules

How to add filters on Filterblade?

There are multiple FilterBlade tutorial videos and textual guides that NeverSink uploads via Youtube and Tumblr, respectively. you'll also inspect another YouTubers, who can provide you some insights about the way to do filtering.


Engineering Eternity



What are the benefits of using Filterblade?

You can create a specialized view of your item to specialise in something important by employing a filter. Customization allows you to switch the filter on your item as you would like to use it to your advantage. FilterBlade’s advanced features for filter customization has helped PoE users greatly.