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What is Science and Technology

Let’s start with a discussion about science and technology. There are many definitions of science. Different people gave different definitions of science. 


In a simple word "science is the process to know about something. “I mean to know the roots of anything is a science. 


Science has many different branches like physics, chemistry, biology, quantum physics, etc. 

Whereas, technology is a technique to invent something new with the help of science.


For example, the invention of Television, the bulb, the computer, the airplane, mobile, satellite, internet, etc. is technology.


What is the use of Technology?

If I explain the purposes of technology. There are a lot of uses for humans. Technology's main intention to save time, money and human efforts. 


Today, in every sector of the workplace, new technologies are replacing the old one. You can see the many examples of technology in the health sector, government sector, education sector, defense sector, manufacturing sector, aviation sector, etc.


It is growing day by day. For the past decade, it came a revolution in technology. The high use of the internet by common people open opportunities in many areas of life.

Advantages of Science and Technology

The best advantages and use of science and technology are in education, health, research, engineering, sports, etc.

There are many small and big research is going on in different areas of life. Space technology is one of the biggest projects for the recent scientist. ISRO, NASA and other space research organizations are keen to know the secrets of the world and universe.


Technology Advantages for Education Sector

When we take the name of education. It is the foremost thing that comes first in priorities. In recent times with the help of technology, there is a huge experiment and implementation in the education sector.


Online Tutoring is a trend in recent times. Even you can take online home tuition with the help of the internet.


Kids, adults and old all are using mobile, laptop and internet. Technology is saving our time, raw materials, money, and other things.



It can't be denied, Science is the mother of all inventions.  The technology works on the rules of science then invention takes place. Apart from the advantages of technology, there are a lot of disadvantages of science.