Chapter 78
Page 1
Aiolia - The Darkness Roar is already gone! There is nothing more protecting you ... only what is left is that!!
Page 2
Aiolia - The legendary megas drepanon. That also will not last long .. because I'm going to break it!
Cronus - Yes, I have the megas drepanon ... the great divine sickle! And I am protected by the Soma... the black armor, darker than the darkness ...
Page 3
Cronus - But who guarantees that I have only two to protect me?
Aiolia - What?!
Shura - It is true!!
Aiolia - What is it, Shura ?!
Shura - In the fight against Kreios, I saw it. every Titan has a planet under his rule ... which uses all its resources .... to protect the god who controls it!
Page 4
Shura - Cronus too ... must own a ruling planet !!
Cronus - I will ... show you ... that which accompanies me ... since the times of antiquity ... and experienced the darkness with me!
Page 5
Cronus - the triple solar system!
Page 6
Aiolia - the three long strands of his hair joined ... and turned into three planets !!
Cronus - come, my ruling planets show their true appearance ...
Milo - True appearance ?!
Aldebaran - So are you going to change even more ?!
Shura - The planet of Kreios also changed ... to the shield formation!
Camus - Will you take attack formations ?!
Shaka - This huge ... triple cosmos ...
Page 7
It’s the ruling planet and god warrior of Gigas (giants)... Hoplisma of nephirtis.
Page 8
The ruling planet and god warrior of Gigas ... Ther of Elektron
Page 9
The ruling planet and god warrior of Gigas ... Drakon of Margarites
Page 10
the three giant soldiers
Page 11
Aiolia - what is this?!
Cronus - ah, ha, ha, ha. what do you think?! These are the most powerful giant soldiers, chosen to be my ruling planets. You think you can beat them, human ?!
Aiolia - What an oppressive presence !! Can I defend myself from this ?!
Page 12
Aldebaran - nuuoh! If we find each other?
Aiolia - Aldebaran !!
Aldebaran - Losing never even crossed our heads!
Page 13
Aldebaran - We are here to win … Are you going to release smoke ?! I can not dodge and protect Aiolia at the same time !! Then I will serve as a shield !!
Page 14
Shura - Excalibur. Just as you came to protect Cronus, we came to defend peace on earth and our companions ...
Page 15
Shura - tens of thousands of liquid needles ?!
Aldebaran - If we do not overthrow all, we will lose!! The floor is breaking up !!
Page 16
Camus - Diamond Dust In the name of the goddess Athena, we have gathered, Gold Saints! Ready to protect the life of everything and everyone. Ensuring that there is a future for humans ... even if we have to face a god for it!
Page 17
Camus - the resonant vibrating wave! That way, we're all going to get hit !! Our bodies ... are fading ?!
Page 18
Shaka - If it is a wave just go out of its reach to not be hit. And teleport all at the same time ... it’s an easy task for me.
Hoplisma - I will not allow ... that human beings dare to rebel against God!
Milo - Shut up !! You say the three giant soldiers were chosen by god ... so we were we !!
Page 19
Milo - We were chosen by Athena, goddess of war, to protect the earth! We are the twelve Gold Saints!
Shura - two are coming at the same time!
Aiolia - Aldebaran, do me a favor.
Aldebaran- what?!
Aiolia - fast!! throw me up!
Page 20
Aiolia - I promised ... Koios... and hyperion ... that I would protect Cronus, who will lead the people of the Titans to where the light shines on the earth. And whoever hinders me .. does not matter that he is a god
Page 21
Aiolia - You will be defeated ... I need to defeat you! For this, I will take your god to where there is light! Lightning Plasma
Page 22
Aiolia - And I'll break ... anybody who tries to mess me up !!
Cronus - You talk about a land bathed in light. But this place is a land stolen by zeus, by means of trickery! Now, do you say you want to share it with everyone? How silly! Mythology has already proved ...
Page 23
Cronus - That the land where there is light is a world to be taken by force. It is not a place to get invited to visit.
Page 24
Cronus - I want a land only for me…. I do not want to know about people ... I want a paradise, just mine! This land of yours…. I will subjugate it and destroy it for good.