Chapter 81 
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Aiolia - Everyone is gone. Defeating the three guardians of Cronus at the same time….that is not a bad idea !! I just ... I want to participate !! Damn it!! My body does not obey me !! I can not burn my cosmos !! I will fall!
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Aiolia - Shaka!
Shaka - I think better, Aiolia ... that you come with me.
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Aiolia - Okay ... let's both get one of them together …
Shaka- not quite what I meant ...
Aiolia- what ?! You're giving me up, aren’t you?!
Shaka - You're not 100%. You lost blood and you lack cosmos.
Aiolia - Are you insinuating that I'm going to mess up ?!
Shaka - Yes, in short, that’s it
Aiolia - Kiss my ass!! I can still fight !!
Shaka - So save that energy for the next battle.
Aiolia - Ha?!
Shaka - A Saint is able to recover his cosmos with a brief rest.
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Shaka - or have you forgotten the promise you made ... to your friend? Would not that be your mission now? Are you saying to save my cosmos now ... and save Cronus later?
Aiolia - But...what about you?! The others formed to face the enemy! What are you thinking of doing alone ?!
Shaka - I'm not alone....
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Shaka -I have friends with whom I share the same goal ... and that's just the strength to fight.
Aiolia -Did he give me his cosmos ?!
Shaka - It’s just a gift. The rest is up to you. Gather as much cosmos as you can in your body.
As long as I gain time .... so you can do this.
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Aiolia - I trust you! I believe ... you will win, understand ?! Once you risked your life .... to protect me. From that moment on ... I trust you. So ... if you say so ...
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Shaka - I will do everything ... to match your trust.
Let the battle begin
Page 8
Ther - Disappointing.That only a miserable man ... come to challenge me.

Shaka - Unfortunately ... I did not come here to give you joy.
Ther - Why ... why did you come? Without a weapon in his hand ... with this soul and cosmos so little ... what do you think you can do before a god? Are you going to kneel, terrified ... begging for your life ?!
Page 9
Shaka - No, I have simply come to teach you two feelings .... which, from your divine position, must be difficult to understand. Fear ... and despair.
Ther -What did you say? Fear ... and despair ?!
Shaka- You remind me of Icarus. Who was carried away by the ambition to fly high like the gods. Daring with his wings of wax, it caused the wrath of the sun-god Apollo.
Ther - Humans ... will never fly beside the gods.
Page 10
Shaka - I see you still do not understand. How can you call yourself god? A being who, out of sheer ambition ... disowns the people he should protect ... someone like that can not be a god.
Whoever considers himself a god must have a pure heart ... and extend the hand of salvation to all who need ... if he is not able to understand this ... he has no right to call himself god.
Page 11
Shaka - If I see an animal using the name of god in vain ... I have to return it to Tartarus, from where it came out. If even an animal should be instinctive to know ... what is fear and despair.
Ther - Hu, ha ha, ha ha !! I think I underestimated you, human! I admit that you have the courage ... to open your mouth to a god. That amuses me !!
Page 12
Ther - Now show me the power that lives ... in your soul !!
Now show me the gallows that lives ... in your soul !!
Shaka - Na ma ma sa man ta ra ra nam. (N.T: Mentra of acala, the inbalable god of Buddhism)
Aiolia - Shaka! Did you take the blow ?! Why did not you run away, changing dimensions ?!
Why take such a blow, without straying ?!
Shaka - Khan
Aiolia - Why did you do such a crazy thing ?!
Page 13
Aiolia - what?! The khan, Shaka’s absolute defense ... is not working right ?! why?!
Ther - huh ha ha ha Very well, human. I see that your boldness was not out of the mouth. You did very well not to defend yourself! So ... how about this ?!
Page 14
Aiolia - three balls of fire in a row! Not only that. All the balls thrown ... are coming to Shaka at the same time !! Without the "khan" ... he will not stand the impact !!
Page 15
Aiolia - He dodged two, but took the last one full !! He is not reaching the speed of light !! He’s too slow !! The armor of gold is protecitng your body .. but it will not last for long !!
Why is he so slow ?! It seems until ..! Do not tell me that ?!
Page 16
Aiolia - that idiot! Have you sent practically your entire cosmos to me ?! My body is lighter! My cosmos is coming back!

Shaka! I'm going there! You alone will not be able to win!!
Shaka -I will not let you come !!
Aiolia - Why not?! the others are helping each other too !!
Shaka - Have you forgotten your promise? You will have to fight against the king of the gods ... for this you must burn a lot, a lot more cosmos .... otherwise ... you could not defeat him!
Aiolia - But ... what will become of you ?!
Page 17
Shaka - What will become of me? It’s obvious. You said yourself ... that you trust me ... that I would win ... did you not? And you still trust me ... right? That's what you believe in ... I hope.
Aiolia - Yes, that's right. I believe in you ... then you will do your part ... because I ... will remain here. And I'll do mine.
Page 18
Shaka - In the name of the goddess Athena ... I will give the deserved punishment ... to this evil beast!
Ther- Already said goodbye... inferior beings?
Shaka - It was not a farewell. It was a promise.
Ther - Hu, ha, ha, ha, ha. Whatever. Your courage to rise ... before me will be reciprocated. This is my real strength! My dunamis!
Page 19
Ther - And I'll show you, inferior being... all its potential!
Aiolia - He spat the dunamis through his mouth .... and solidified it !! Shaka !! Run away !!
Ther - Feel My true power !!
Page 20
Ther - my dunamis! Dunamis odous
What is it?! Why can not I hit him ?! Is he defending himself with one arm? Something has changed in this inferior being !! How can a creature as fragile as this .... present such an unlimited cosmos ?!
Page 21
Shaka - open the eyes. Enlightenment
Page 22
Shaka - It's very difficult to gain total trust from people. So when we get it, we get strength to match it. An infinite force that sometimes ... is capable of changing the future!
Ther -This man!! He waived the help of his companion and put himself in a critical situation of his own accord !! He endure my attacks with what little cosmos he had left ... and still closed his eyes, depriving himself of one of his senses, to strengthen his own cosmos !! So when that little being opened his eyes ... the cosmos overflowed from his body !!
Page 23
More Powerful and sharp !!
Page 24
Ther - The divine fangs ... are being pushed back, exploding inside me!

Shaka - You're an evil being, but ... you recognized my strength. You faced me to your full potential ... so thank you. And that's the reason ... why I'll give it my all. I'll use all the strength I still have ... to show you ... what I'm capable of.
Page 25
Shaka - now it's time to burn ... my cosmos! Tenma Kofuku
Page 26
Shaka - who does not know fear and despair ... has nothing to offer the people who suffer from them. And of joy ... and blessing that the people need. And this is the happiness that people desire ... and giving this is the duty of the gods.