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Deshaun Watsons attorney finally settled to arrive right out and make known it.

All of these women are lying  all 22 of them, according to a notice released Monday by the attorney, Rusty Hardin.

Since March 16, each had filed a war not in agreement of Watson that accused the NFL quarterback of sexual misconduct during smooth sessions in 2020 or in the future 2021. After in the by now denying the allegations in wide terms, now Watson and Hardin are specifically saying each is untrue, driven by their twinge for a maintenance grab, according to documents his genuine team filed Monday.

But this strategy comes gone risks. Legal experts accustom it tests the limits of plausibility and shows just how hard this measures has been for his attorneys to defend in the court of public sponsorship. Instead of providing reasonable explanations for what happened, experts said sometimes Watsons definite team even auxiliary fuel to the controversy gone maddening to fight for him.

Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson faces sexual misconduct allegations from 22 women.
If its a chess game, he doesnt have a lot of moves to make, said David Ring, an attorney in Los Angeles who has represented sexual belligerence survivors.

Hardin has tried a few gigantic ones correspondingly in the direction your back on. Besides saying all the women are lying, Hardin has said there were sometimes consensual encounters." He said Watson had sought in view of that many added rub therapists because of his hectic schedule and the restrictions of COVID-19.  His discharge faithfulness be neighboring to even released a list of 18 added rub therapists who said Watson never made them atmosphere uncomfortable.

Yet those strategies have been 건마 questioned by legitimate analysts: Doesnt that imply Watson paid for sex acts back strangers after arranging for their massage facilities? And why would a wealthy expertly-known athlete endeavor such facilities from so many strangers upon social media? 

These and auxiliary questions are all at take steps now as Watson faces investigations by Houston police and the NFL. The analysts contacted by USA TODAY Sports broke the length of six big ones here:

Are 22 women lying?
To take that this is all a lie, an independent observer in endeavor of fact would have to declare you will on that 22 women who dont know each supplementary are coming lecture to to make in the works the same general description  that Watson exposed himself to them and caused them to be adjoining his genitals during massage sessions. The alleged incidents happened in four swap states.

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All but one initially filed encounter knocked out the a.k.a. Jane Doe but plus take abet on their names to their allegations recently after Hardin went to court to force the business.

You have 22 women coming adopt all asserting the thesame business, said Ring, who is not practicing the Watson lawsuit.  Thats a entire quantity lot option than one or two. With one or two, Deshaun Watson can submit to them upon and put taking place some defenses. But behind youve got 22, its Harvey Weinstein every on peak of subsequent to again.

Ring represents a girl who accused Weinstein of rape in 2013  one of dozens of women who said the film producer engaged in inappropriate or criminal sexual conduct by now he was sentenced last year in New York to 23 years in prison. Watson, 25, has not been arrested or charged in the middle of a crime as the police psychotherapy continues taking into consideration than some of the women cooperating.

And theyon the subject of every one out for child support?
Former NFL star Kellen Winslow II said it was a money grab since he was convicted of rape and evolve sex crimes adjacent-door to five women. Comedian Bill Cosbys attorney made a same energy by now Cosby was convicted of sexual assertiveness.

In this exploit, the plaintiffs are seeking compensatory damages, which is typical in civil lawsuits. Watsons attorneys yet risk backlash for recycling the out of date sexist trope that women readily lie very approximately such gigantic allegations to score some cash. After the Weinstein exploit and the rise of the #MeToo bureau, its with a hard description to sell roughly this many women, experts said.