A Comprehensive Overview Of Cone Crushers

This Cone Crusher article will help you to understand what to look for when buying cone crushers. If you're a Cone Crusher owner or manager this article will allow you be more educated. You may skip the remainder of the text if have a basic understanding of cone crushers.


Selecting the right Cone Crusher for Your Quarry and Mining Operations


Cone crushers are among the most useful pieces of aggregate crushing equipment. Cone crushers are often an integral part in the delivery of products made from aggregate to markets.


Cone crushers are specialized piece of equipment, there are many manufacturers offering high-quality options. It can be difficult to narrow down the options and choose the right cone crusher that is right for you.


We'll take a closer look today at cone crushers to help narrow down the selection and select the best equipment for your business.


Top Cone Crusher Manufacturers




Since 1942, Sandvik has been producing tools and equipment that fulfill the needs of a wide variety of industries, such as aggregate, mining, sand and gravel, concrete, and many more. Sandvik's products are sold in more than 150 countries, and employ more than 8000 employees across the globe.


Sandvik is dedicated to sharing its experience and know-how with its customers and trade organisations to develop new and innovative products. Sandvik is part of the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, which comprises Rolls-Royce, Boeing and the University of Sheffield. The company also has partnered with the Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing.


Today, Sandvik manufactures nearly 20 cone crushers of various types, in addition to a variety of other products, such as impact, jaw and hybrid Crusher Liners.


According to Sandvik their committed sales team is proficient in their technology to assist companies who may be uncertain which model is best suited for them. Producers can consult with one of the sales team for professional advice on the best cone crusher for them.




Metso has an incredibly storied history and well over 100 years of expertise in the industries it serves. Metso was founded in 1868 by Sunds Bruk Ironworks, Sweden. The company had already developed the first mobile crushing equipment in 1918. Since since then it has continued to innovate across various business sectors that include the aggregate and mining industries.


Today, Metso produces four different series of cone crushers including the Nordberg GP, HP and MP series, in addition to the compact and mobile Metso MX series. All told the brand manufacturers more than 20 cone crushers.


According to Metso the company's website, it aims to differentiate itself from competitors by offering support and service. Metso offers specific support and maintenance for businesses to ensure their equipment lasts many years.




Powerscreen is an Terex subsidiary. Terex was initially created by General Motors to produce and sell heavy machinery to construction industries. Then, it split off the Powerscreen brand, and has since established itself as a major player in the aggregate and mining sectors.


The Maxtrak range of products comprises six mobile cone crushers. Powerscreen is an expert in the production of large Crusher Liners cone crushers, which makes them ideal to meet the requirements of the aggregate and mining industries.


The cone crushers of Powerscreen are equipped with AutoMax technology, which provides the best-looking product in a shorter amount of time. This lets companies easily ramp up their production, according to the company.