Chapter 90

Page 1
Camus - answer me one thing, only from the heart, without lying ....
Hyoga - Yes....
Camus - Hyoga .... I do not know if you understand .... But tomorrow you can die under this dawn. Those who can become Saints are not many .... and they lose almost everything .... those who break their bodies ... those who suffer from the heart .... those who do not open their eyes one more day. ... they lose everything .... I have already witnessed the disappearance of many cosmos ....
Page 2
Camus-With you can the same thing happen ... yet you want to be a Saint?
Hyoga- I do not want anything ... besides that. I must obtain the power of a Saint. because otherwise ... I will not be able to fulfill my desire .... if I do not become a Saint.
Page 3
Hyoga- my way is not another ... except that of a Saint.
Camus - hyoga .... this is your firm decision?
Hyoga - Yes......
Camus - I understand. You have my permission to be my disciple.
Page 4
Camus - My name is camus….and I will be your master.
Hyoga - My master….Camus.
Page 5
Camus - but this will be from tomorrow .... today we are tired. ... but today we will give you a welcome party ... although we do not have much. We'll have a hot soup together.
Page 6
Hyoga - I took your life ..... maybe I .... no .... no longer in a condition... to be called ... your disciple..but ... it’s different from that moment ... that is why….
Page 7
Hyoga - Now, once again ... I'm standing before you. for every day of my childhood ..... I followed you. because you proved to me that ... followed the justice.
Page 8
Hyoga - Has your cosmo reached a critical point ?!
Shura - He will attack! He will attack you!
Deathmask - Attack him back!
Milo - what are you saying?! got crazy?!
Deathmask - You promised that you would listen to everything I said!
Page 9
Deathmask - attack using the greatest camus technique! hyoga, you can stop him with the same cold air as his !! a demon is a being that is already dead will not interpret this as a misunderstanding ..... here was born a hell of extreme cold!
Hyoga - a hell?! this position ?! Is it camus’s greatest technique?
Page 10
Hyoga - A God Cloth! the cosmos of camus is increasing more and more ... no, on the contrary ... it is stopping the movement of all the atoms.
Page 11
Shura - Hyoga can stop the cold air from camus ?! but the side effects remain enormous! yoshino and natassia can not resist this powerful cold air.
Yoshino - it's not cold....
Page 12
Shun - circular defense
Yoshino - doctor shun !!
Natassia - mom!!
Page 13
Shura - from the beginning he intended to leave the defensive aspect with shun, while facing the situation up front? This is absurd, but ... this is the blind trust that those five cultivated.
Shun - Why? hyoga ... why do you not attack? hyoga continues to receive the impact of all the cold air! he is holding within him .... the violent cold air of camus?
Page 14
Shun - he is drawing cold air to himself as if he were a lightning rod ... until he reaches the critical point within himself .... he plans to self-destruct to leave this place ... with a cold air similar to that of Cocytus?!
Hyoga - if there is someone who calls me dad ... I can not doubt ... if with my body I can save my daughter ... nothing else would matter ... my magnificent ..... master. I will not ... defeat you.
Page 15
Hyoga - with your power I will save your own life .... and justice!
Shun - hyoga !!
Deathmask- do not stop!!
- your self can increasingly approach this place to hell, the line separating life and death will become increasingly tenuous. the living and the dead will cross, if a world of chaos, myself ... I will receive the punishment of enabling important people to return to this place.
Page 16
-Are you ... Athena?
Yoshino - Maybe….but I think you are mistaken…
Page 17
Shun - Who are you ?!
- if you are Athena... I beg you. listen to my desire. I do not know why I'm here, but I know I have to do something. to end it for as long as possible. I will not bother you for long ... I just want to burn my life. Just for once ... grant me a Cloth.
Page 18
Yoshino- I would say that everything is fine ... but ... I do not know ... if you want to do something for someone ... I believe that you certainly will not have problems being the person you want to be.
-the person .... that I want to be .... I wanted to become a Saint. even if it was only a wish. this time it would only be ....
Page 19
Isaak - to have white wings with the necessary power ... to save a friend.
Hyoga- Isaak ?!
Page 20
Isaak - Get up, Hyoga. Were you not strong? show me your strength.
Hyoga - Isaak ... is it really .... you ?!
Isaak - I really do not know how much life I have. but if my life is temporary ... I will protect all the people who are important to you ... on your side. Believe me, I'm standing here, just for this.