Chapter 61
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Aiolia - Seventh sense. Vision, audacity, taste, smell and touch ... the five senses that the human being possesses. In addition to those that are common, people can still present a special ability. Something called the sixth sense that gives them the benefit of a superhuman strength. Something allowed a few .... however, for the knights there is still a power beyond this ...
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Aiolia - a supreme force that surpasses even the sixth sense! a power that only the knights who burn all their cosmos can acquire ... this is the .... seventh sense. the human who acquires this force ... can overcome everything ... even ... an adversary like a god. a force that only humans, with their infinite range of possibilities, are capable of generating ....
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Aiolia - the strength of choosing the future they desire.
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Koios - yes ... it’s exactly this force ... that will be necessary in the future ... Aiolia.
Aiolia - Hm?
Koios - I realized. That the return of us, Titans ... is bound to a spell called destiny ... a destiny planned by someone who needs our cosmos for some purpose ... in other words ...
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Koios - a great plan designed by a god of antiquity ....
Koios’s voice was erased from the records of mythology and only his name was transmitted to posterity ... because of this power he possesses .... there is nothing more terrifying for others than the power of someone who knows everything ... you capture not only what humans think ... but also what goes on in the heads of the gods. Even of the gods of other ages ... superior, more ancient, and powerful than you ....
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This terrifying power of understanding eventually made him realize the true identity of the power that would destroy him ... therefore, his existence was concealed .... so that he could not spread this truth throughout the world.
Koios - Listen, Aiolia ... I ... or rather ... us, the Titans ... we return to this world ... devoid of something very important ... something ... we need to be ourselves ..
Aiolia - for you to be ... yourselves?
Koios - You had seen King Cronus....
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Koios - why Cronus, who was the greatest of the gods and ruler of the Titans ... returned to this world in that incomplete form? And because he, like us, was resurrected without this "thing", in fact, Cronus returned with much less than we ... and this thing ... it is the memory. I also came back without mine .... so I did not remember many important facts ... like, for example ... the fact that I was like you. I also failed to protect something important for me ... and I had to watch his death, without being able to do anything ....
Page 8
Koios - in fact ... my sin is greater than yours ... and much more serious ... because ... it was I who stole the future, not only mine, but also that of my companions .... of my people ... and that of the king, to whom I had sworn allegiance. I was the one who made ... the power that annihilated the Titans.
Page 9
Aiolia - The force capable of annihilating everything?
Koios - During the great battle of Titanomachy .... I conceived the power capable of changing the scene of that war and will give us victory. A force that could exterminate even the gods ... eager for victory ... and for guiding my people and my companions to the light ... I solved ....
Page 10
Koios - generate this power. Even though I knew it was an untamed force, it would also attract destruction and death .... the power that would destroy the gods. I feared for what I had just generated. A power that only knows how to destroy should not exist in this world. so I confined it ... without saying it to anyone ... I hid it in the depths of my memory and tried to forget it.
Page 11
Koios - And this power that I once solved and hid, for fear of it too, is nothing less than that power that you manipulate, Aiolia .... Keraunos, the power of lightning.
Milo- What? Keraunos ?! Is he talking about keraunos, the power of Zeus ?!
Aldebaran- The weapon controlled by zeus, to exterminate the Titans ?!
Shaka - They say that it is his own lightning ... a weapon with the shape of a bolt .... keraunos, it is the general designation of all its power !!
Page 12
Koios - I only managed to recover this abomination.... because I reached the same level of human existence ... I acquired something that a god, by nature, does not own ... I acquired a limited life. And who left me on an equal footing with humans … It was you ... Aiolia.
The other time ... when you launched the Photon Burst... my body was not yet fully resurrected … therefore, I did not bear the great volume of cosmos and ended up destroyed.
Page 13
Koios - with the incomplete body and cosmos, it was no good for me to recover the force of Soma and Ichor. For I could not regenerate my divine body, which is infinitely more complex and dense than the body of a human being. I became an existence subject to the slow wait of death, just like you .... however, when I realized the value of living life fully ... precisely because it was limited ... when I knew it was possible to feel the life ... I recovered my memory .... I could not completely regenerate my body. But the closer to death, the more memories locked in my mind are releasing ... and they revealed to me …
Page 14
Koios - that someone stole the memory of keraunos from my memory ... and delivered it to zeus..this among the twelve gods ... only a god would be able to manipulate the memory of other gods ... taking them the memories and the modifying as you like ... one of the original three Muses ... the one who has uranus, the sky god, as father ..... and gaia, the goddess of the earth, as mother …
Page 15
Koios - the one who fell in love with zeus and begot the nine muses .... the goddess who commands memory and forgetfulness.
Mnemosyne- My lord ... black sea spots .... a part of the memory barrier ... was broken.
Pontus - I know. It is Koios, right?
Mnemosyne - Yes
Pontus - how did he break it?
Page 16
Mnemosyne - giving life, sir. There is no escape from my dominion of forgetfulness, except through death. He chose the slow death in return for recovering his memory gradually.
Pontus - Hm .... worthy of the one who knows everything .... but you have not been resurrected to understand things, Koios. You were ... brought back ... to offer yourself whole our mother.
Page 17
Pontus - the more cosmo burns, the more a god’s Dunamis grows ... so ... all that the Titans need is a good adversary. When a god in incomplete form, who does not possess all his power ... fight against a human who wanted to defeat him ... this human burns as much cosmos as he can, in order to diminish the difference between the forces... . and, thanks to this, the dunamis of the god ends up being elevated ... that is ... humans are only wood to burn more and more the dunamis of a god .... and all that I need is the dunamis to the maximum, moments before this god dies ... after getting it, nothing else matters.
Page 18
let all die, humans and gods. Absorbing the power of God.
Page 19
Koios - what?!
Aiolia - what is it?! the cosmos of Koios is disappearing? No, it's not that ... the cosmos is being sucked out of it !!
Koios - my body is almost dead ... already being pulled into the Tartarus. without my cosmos ... I can no longer ... uphold the flesh!
Page 20
Koios - I will be swallowed.
Milo - Ugh !!!! With all that pressure on his body .... he still managed to move fast like that, like a spark ?!
Aldebaran - Even incomplete .... his power was immense ...
Shaka - however ... not even a god can escape death !! He is sent to the Tartarus and disappeared !!!
Page 21
Aiolia - no way!!! For equality an ova !! Look at the burden you were carrying alone !! I will not let it !! I want revenge ... you're going to have to fight me one more time !!
Koios - I chose him ... to be my last adversary ... because I trusted the purity of his eyes.
Page 22
Koios - you manipulate a power that brings terror and death, the keraunos that I created and was taken ... was deprived of its loved one and was despised .... even so, its cosmo did not lose the brightness. The brightness of keraunos that you have is hope, capable of ripping the darkness and generating a new future. And the light of that brilliance that made me pick up the memories ... and made me believe ... in the infinite possibility that only humans have to create their own future.
Page 23
Aiolia - Koios.... do not tell me that you ... fought against me ... just to make me evolve as a Saint... even knowing that it would lead to death ?!
Koios - wrong, Aiolia .... you would have become an excellent Saint even without me. I was just an accelerator of this process. And our fight was my will. I wanted to die fighting like a warrior ... I wanted to have your beautiful light as a guide ... for my trip to Tartarus... if possible ... use this light to illuminate not only men ... but also everything and everyone I loved ...
Page 24
Koios - if possible .... create a world where people and Titas can coexist .... a future of peace ...
Aiolia - I promise ... I will create yes! I swear on my cosmos !!
Koios - I have your word ... so ... I want you to accept this from me. I'm sorry for the one who intended to steal my dunamis ... but you ... who should stay with this force....
Page 25
Koios - that all the power of keraunos in me that exists... live now with the golden lion ... and become his strength!
Page 26
Shaka - one of the Theos sema ... disappeared ...
Aldebaran - he's gone ... leaving with Aiolia ... the power of keraunos ...
Milo - everything that God desired will be realized ....
for us, Gold Saints….
Page 27
Aiolia - for me, you were not an enemy ... you gave your life to guide me ... and made my heart and my fangs evolve ... look at it ... the brightness of this keraunos that you left me ... one clear light ... that illuminates this place so dark and gloomy ....
Page 28
Aiolia - You were a noble and honorable god, just like this light ... and above all .... someone who taught me again to fight. You were .... a master to me.