Five reasons why supermarkets are better than grocery stores

All of us love to shop at supermarkets as all the essential items are available in a wide range such as vegetables, fruits, groceries, and other daily products under one roof. Supermarkets are different from normal retail shops because customers can buy the products they need themselves. While in retail shops, the shopkeeper provides the products to them. To better understand the concept of supermarket shopping, one must understand its benefits of it. The supermarket has several large retail stores selling fruits, groceries, vegetables, fruits, and other food and dairy products. Therefore, a supermarket that sells a variety of grocery and food items has a high appeal margin. Apart from wide assortments, self-service and merchandise appeal has attracted customers in every country. The FMCG companies in Dubai are all international and trusted brands that have managed to survive in the market. Al Maya is one of the leading brands in the world that has partnered with more than 50 global FMCG companies in the UAE. It has a warehousing space of a million sq ft and also has the largest distribution and logistics facilities in the Gulf region. The people of Dubai visit the Al Maya supermarket to purchase essential products of their favourite brands. Let us have a look at the five reasons why supermarkets are better than grocery stores:

  1. Freedom of selection- Customers are given the liberty to buy what they want from a wide range of products available in supermarkets. The freedom of selecting products makes shopping a fun activity at stores. Customers can choose what they wish to purchase on their own without taking the help of any salesman. Another major benefit is that consumers get a plethora of options to choose from. In a retail store, you will only get a few options to buy from but in a supermarket; there will be at least 7-to 8 different brands. Thus, you can choose a product based on your preference and budget from the many available options. It is better to shop at supermarkets as you get offered products in different varieties.  
  2. Fixed prices- Consumers cannot bargain at supermarkets. You get the best products offered at a reasonable rate. There is the availability of various discounts and offers which attracts more customers to the shops. 
  3. Lower Prices- Generally, the supermarket offers goods at a comparatively lower price. This makes it a better option for both poor and rich people. Every individual can go shopping at a supermarket as they offer many quality products at lower prices. 
  4. Quality goods available under one roof- Supermarkets offer quality products for the daily needs of the consumers. People do not have to hop from one shop to shop located at a different location for buying essential stuff. All the stores are available in a supermarket which makes shopping less tiring and fun. One of the biggest advantages of shopping from a supermarket is that it saves a lot of time. Al Maya offers quality products from the best FMCG companies in Dubai. Thus, people can shop in a hassle-free manner without worrying about the quality of the products. All the brands are trusted and of premium quality. 
  5. Promotional schemes- Supermarkets keep introducing various schemes such as cash backs, discounts, contests etc. to maintain the consumer flow. They make shopping with them a rewarding experience that is absent in small retail shops. These promotional schemes are put out from time to time. There are also regular sales on certain days and occasions which attract more customers to the supermarket. 

The best FMCG companies in the UAE offer products that go through a strict quality check. They have made the best products available from across the globe to their customers.