Chapter 72

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So, please, noble saint .... although old, this house should be enough to hide Chris. I knew what happened to your father, Miss Chris. his death is a tragedy. but I will protect her, since she is the true successor of the Walden family ... with my life.
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Aspros - It's a relief to hear that. You're hiding something, and I do not like it. but for now I will play according to the rules ...
forgive me. I brought tea. Drink while it’s hot.
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Aspros - By the way, Ursula has no knowledge of this place, right?
-Correct. even among Walden family members, few people know about this place. It seems that this place was not used much after the generation of her grandfather.
Aspros - It is strange that a woman obsessed with her heredity does not know this place.
-That's because you're just attracted to novelties. And that touches me more than anything the way the bond between the sisters degenerates quickly .... treating her sister like this....
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Aspros - Let's stop here. This pathetic farce is not fun anymore. What other tricks do you have hidden in your sleeve? Come on, show me.
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- As I thought .... the saint has sharp eyes... if you want to see my tricks, I'll show you with pleasure ..
Aspros - what? Is your body disintegrating?
-The upir is a being with human head and bat body. And it has the ability to transform anyone to suck the blood of the victims!
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Raybould - I am Raybould the Upir , the terrestrial star of cause. In the name of Lord Earheart ... I will take your lives!
Aspros - A scarlet halo appeared ... behind him!
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Raybould - sea of the blood!
Aspros - What? A bunch of scarlet bats!
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Aspros - There are so many ... fire bats ...
Raybould - Lord Earheart told me that your Gemini Cloth ... sank with the ship … How pitiful! A saint without his Cloth! But, Chris ... this man is useless to you, now ....
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Raybould - He can not protect you anymore! I will not let you get away!
Page 10
Aspros - That symbol on the back?
Raybould - Pathetic, you can not even shout ... but it's better that way.
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Raybould - What happened on that day was so terrible ?!
Aspros- What?
Raybould - as a reward for discovering me, I'll tell you what happened. The walden family does not only accumulate riches .... not only gold and silver!
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but they also have a curse! This is what your ancestors have achieved ... a power that has surpassed human conception!
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Raybould - A power to obtain eternal life ... in exchange for the life of a loved one! And that's why Chris's father named her heiress ... to keep the ambitious ursula from stealing it!
Aspros - Oh, really? So, where’s this fantastic thing?
Page 14
Raybould - In her body! hilarious, right? And that's why ursula wants her killed!
Page 15
Raybould - Enough to be ironic ... something so important in the hands of a girl so weak! Do you know why this is happening, miss?
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Raybould - It’s because you refused to fight ... the time for speaking has come to an end! Die together with your saint!
Page 17
[The Pope’s Hall in sanctuary]
Pope - So that's what happened. Thanks for the info.
Page 18
Pope - He seems to have made the mission much more complicated .... Degel.
Degel - Yes. Although I do not have concrete evidence ... I always had respect for him ... but let me be frank with you ... aspros is in many ways connected with the death of the Pythia. He is a very dangerous man. Please, I ask that his candidacy for Pope be canceled.
Page 19
Sisyphus - How could this happen ... he committed so many terrible acts to hide a brother born under a star of conflict .... it does not matter if he is his brother, it’s the law ..... he certainly wanted to hide... and this is his biggest reason ... to become the next Pope.
Shion - Forgive me.
Page 20
Shion - Pope. I came to tell you my departure for Jamir. I will investigate the evil star.
Pope -Go ahead, Shion. And my greetings to my brother.
Shion - Yes.
Pope - Anyway, degel.
Page 21
Pope - What can I do, Degel? Sisyphus just got his candidacy for the Pope title.
As for Aspros... I'll take care of that. And I'll know for sure ....
Page 22
Pope - If he can become the next Pope...
Page 23
Chris - it hurts ... and I'm scared ... I can not go ... why do these things happen to me? I've never asked for any of this ... I've always done what I've been told.
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Chris - I never wanted anything! From the beginning ...
Aspros - you have my sympathy for not wanting anything in your life, but there is hope for those who wish to fight.
Page 25
Raybould - A Cloth?! Impossible! It must have been stranded at the bottom of the ocean!
Aspros - Do you really think that the Cloth of a saint can be stopped by something so trivial? Did not you know that I was the owner of the Gemini Cloth? but it should be clear now ....
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Aspros - Power! Let me prove it!
Raybould - What? The space around this damn place is distorting!
Aspros - Do you think your life is pathetic, Chris? Get up and fight!
Page 27
Aspros - Fight for hope! Make your decisions! Otherwise, you will end up harming yourself!
[Arc Geminga!]
(Geminga is a neutron star of the constellation of twins.. Its name means "is not there")
Page 28
Raybould - What is this? This dimension ..
Aspros - it’s a concentrated magnetic field ... able to crush all of your cells!
Raybould - This is the power of a Gold Cloth? So much power!
Aspros - What? You think that's the power of my Cloth? This is my power!
Page 30
Aspros - This is the power I possess, Chris. I wanted to fight my target ... and so I became who I am. To get what I want, I can become an angel or a demon. I will save the sinner and slay a god!
Page 31
Aspros - Do you think tears have changed anything?
Chris - I can not do anything because I'm afraid.
Page 32
Chris 0 I do not need money ... I do not have eternal life ... but, even though I know I should not give up hope ... I do not want to have to fight with my sister .... I do not want this terrible destiny fact, I do not know what I want .. ah, aspros ....
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Chris - What can I do to become like you?
Page 34
Aspros - No matter the point of view, a person without dreams is pathetic. But ... for a 14-year-old girl, this is definitely shocking. I'm so sorry.
Page 35
Aspros - but doing nothing is what makes you a coward. Even if I were an outsider, I would still be an ordinary mortal. In this case, let me take care of everything!
The truth is....
Page 36
an indecisive girl will never defeat a stubborn little girl!
Page 38
Aspros - Chris! Damn it! Another dimensional attack!
Page 39
Aspros - He is able to do that?
Ursula - So you do not want it? but what can you do? Show up, walden family treasure! Precious stone sealed by my father! Walden family treasure jewel! My surplice!
Page 40
Aspros - Cetus! Thanks to that, I will become a resident of the underworld! And with the treasure of the walden family, I will become the queen of the earth!
Aspros - There is something strange .... the surplice arises only for those chosen by an evil star .... Chris .... that means you're ....
Page 41
Aspros - A specter?

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