Wedding  Makeup

Of course on your wedding day you will want to look your best. But a lot of brides end up getting nervous and use way to much makeup. The best approach is to be natural. You definitely don’t want to be experimenting or testing new things on your face. Let’s look at 10 ways to enhance your beauty for your special day.


  1. If you plan on getting a facial, do it a few weeks ahead of time. This will allow your skin to heal and look its best.


  1. If you are constantly battling acne or other skin blemishes, try to see a skin doctor 6 months or more a head of time. There may be some medications that can help.


  1. Almost every bride cries. Therefore it is important to wear waterproof mascara in case you are unable to hold back the tears.


  1. If you do happen to get a pimple, don’t squeeze it because it will make it a lot worse. Instead, apply some Vaseline, and then foundation to cover it up.


  1. If you are having your wedding outside be sure to apply sunscreen to prevent burning and redness.


  1. For photo purposes you should consider a water based foundation. These tend to look more natural in pictures.


  1. Glitter eye shadow and lip gloss should be left out of the pictures. They will interfere with the flash of the cameras.


  1. Keep a small amount of makeup in your purse just in case you need to touch up. There will always be a reason to touch up whether for pictures or the ceremony.


  1. Using a pencil lip liner to cover the full of your lips will help keep your lipstick from coming off easily.


  1. Pluck and shape your eyebrows a week before your wedding. This will allow for any irritation to settle down. You wouldn’t want red and puffy eye brows right?


These are just a few tips that you can use for your wedding make up arsenal. The less stress on how you look will put a bigger smile on your face. Enjoy your wedding and congratulations.For more info please visit howpick.com